New 2022 Total Gym GTS Review – Is the high price worthy?

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This Total Gym GTS review is going to show you all it can do and help you decide whether it’s worth the price.

It’s time to focus on a home incline trainer so impressive in its functionality that it exceeds most anything you’ll find in a commercial gym.

Let’s get to it.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Commercial-Grade Incline Trainer

If you’ve read my other Total Gym incline machine reviews, and I hope you have, you’ll be familiar with the things you should consider when shopping for one. The GTS is different. It’s a professional piece of equipment for the serious trainer.

Most of the normal considerations still apply, however.

You can get in the best shape of your life with this type of machine, but you can’t add much muscle mass. The resistance is still limited to around 60 percent of your bodyweight, max, although some models allow you to add weights to the glide board.

Adding weight to the board adds to the intensity of the workouts, and you can gain a little bulk, but you can’t get hulked.

You should still think of these pro-grade inclines as body toners. They’re great for cardio of all intensity levels and strength training as well.

You’re going to need a 10’x4′ spot in your gym. You can fold some of these behemoths up when you’re not using them, but you’re not going to be able to hang one or store it vertically. It’s just not practical. Even folded, they’re big.

If you’ve got the space and about four or five grand to spend, there’s not much you can’t do on one of these amazing pieces of equipment.

Introducing The Total Gym GTS

The GTS may be the best pick for you if you want an incline trainer for your home gym that’s better and more versatile than the ones your neighborhood gym has.

Total Gym claims that the GTS is a professional-grade machine that is sometimes found in health clubs and rehabilitation facilities. I did some detective work on this, and found this to be true. In fact, the gym in my town has two GTS inclines.

A look at Total Gym’s website shows that this trainer is capable of more than 200 exercises. When you see the accessories it comes with, you’ll understand how this is possible.

total gym gts features

Here are those accessories and extras:

  1. The Total Gym GTS Commercial-Grade Incline Trainer
  2. Telescoping squat stand
  3. Squat handle
  4. Removable folding foot holder
  5. Pilates toe bar
  6. Lat bars
  7. Three-grip pullup bar
  8. Scrunch ab accessory
  9. Glide board weight bar
  10. Press bar
  11. Retractable dip bars
  12. Unilateral/Bilateral cable pulley system
  13. Padded rubber and nylon web handles for cables
  14. Illustrated exercise guide that mounts on the tower
  15. Workout DVD
  16. Subscription to Total Gym TV Basic with option to upgrade to Premium at a 25 percent discount
  17. Warranty: five years on frame, one year on parts and upholstery and 90 days on foam and rubber


  1. Heavy, solid and durable
  2. Impressive selection of included accessories
  3. All accessories are top of the line
  4. Professional assembly is included with purchase
  5. Total price can be divided into four monthly payments


  1. Costs about $3,800
  2. Not currently available in Canada
  3. If you go with the pro assembly, it can take two to three weeks between the time you order and the delivery and assembly of the trainer


Here’s the breakdown of what it can do. This is where you’ll be able to decide if the GTS’s features are worth the investment for you.


The wide board lends the entire machine a feeling a stability. It glides very smoothly and effortlessly when the incline is set to the horizontal position. There are 22 resistance levels between horizontal and the max incline.

You can add weights, which are not included with purchase, to the board at any incline angle. This adds resistance and allows a wider range of workouts.

Changing the incline angle is easy, thanks to the hydraulic rail lift. It’s not complicated. You still lift or push the board to set your incline.

Folding the machine is just as simple. It’s a two-step process that cuts the length of the machine about in half.

total gym gts portability and storage
total gym gts portability and storage

You can do pull-downs and the other usual lat exercises with the lat bars. They also fold down for pullups.

The squat stand, which features a no-slip coating, telescopes and locks into three positions for precise height adjustments for squats. The Pilates toe bar that attaches to it is great for calf stretches and even some upper body workouts.

One thing most machines like this lack is fully-adjustable cable pulleys. These ones adjust for the user’s height and shoulder width. That’s what you need to target specific muscles and muscle groups with cables.

You get two sets of handles for the ends of those cables. The soft coated plastic handles are comfortable, and the nylon web handles allow for a hammer grip.

The strength package, which would cost almost $900 if purchased separately, has most of the stuff that makes the GTS unique. It includes the Scrunch, which is the GTS’s ab cruncher, the press bar, pullup bar and dip bars.

It’s pretty easy to maintain proper military press for on the press bar. You can also do all the other presses to target your triceps, upper back and chest.

The dip bars fold down and in to stay out of the way when not needed. The dips you can do with these bars are great for strengthening and building pecs and triceps.

You can use wide, narrow or hammer grips with the special tri-grip pullup bar. This flexibility means you can easily target different muscle groups without making any adjustments to the machine, except maybe a quick incline or weight tweak.

Also included with the strength package are the squat handle bar and weight bar. The handle for squats basically helps you to stabilize yourself with your hands and arms while pushing off the squat stand with your legs. The weight bar attaches to the glide board. Thats where you add weights for more resistance above what you’d get from the incline.

All of these accessories, along with the thoughtful and efficient design, allow well over 200 exercises for a true full-body workout on a single, relatively compact machine.

Using The Total Gym GTS

Adjustments to the incline and addition and removal of the accessories are just as quick and simple as with any other Total Gym incline trainer. There’s nothing complicated here at all.

total gym gts exercises

There’s a real gym feel to it too. You get the impression that you’re using a machine that commercial gyms may pay double for.

This will likely become the most-used piece of equipment in your home gym. And why wouldn’t it? I don’t believe I’ve ever seen such a versatile machine for home use.

total gym gts exercises

What People Are Saying

I read a few interesting reviews from people who graduated from lower-priced Total Gym inclines to the GTS. They all said that the GTS feels much more stable and the board glides more smoothly.

Taller people like the longer, wider board and the telescoping squat stand.

Overall, everyone acknowledged that Total Gym delivers on the promises it makes regarding the durability and versatility of this machine.

The biggest complaints center around the size of the machine and the assembly.

It’s a big trainer. You should understand that when you buy it.

Assembly is complicated. There are many complaints about the difficulty in actually putting the thing together.

Pro assembly is included with purchase, but you have to schedule an appointment after you accept delivery of the machine. It may take a couple weeks for the assembly team to get around to you. That’s another common complaint.

Strangely, there aren’t many gripes about the price. Of course, everyone is well aware of the cost before ordering.

Overall, feedback is very positive.


I usually like to showcase similar equipment in my reviews so you know about all of your options.

The thing is that there really isn’t anything like this one as far as the combination of quality and versatility goes.

Check out my other Total Gym incline reviews. They’re all much more affordable, but they lack the strength package. And the strength package is the biggest thing that sets the GTS apart from the rest.

The FIT and XLS can be good options. Keep in mind that they don’t include the strength package or telescoping squat stand. They each come with their own accessories, but none are as versatile as the ones included with the GTS.


A commercial-grade incline machine can make your home gym as functional as a commercial gym, as far as incline training goes anyway.

In this Total Gym GTS review, we’ve seen how one of these machines can help you work every muscle in your body. I mean, the GTS even comes with a toe bar.

The GTS specifically is a top-of-the-line professional trainer that is used in some commercial gyms and rehab centers. That speaks volumes about its usefulness and durability.

If you want the best, and you can afford it, the GTS may very well be the new go-to machine for your home gym. If you’re still on the fence, click here for more info.

Jeff Carpenter

8 thoughts on “New 2022 Total Gym GTS Review – Is the high price worthy?”

  1. I’m really, really, REALLY tempted to buy this. I’m a gym fanatic and speed walk marathons. With the current pandemic I doubt I’m going back to the gym for the foreseeable future. So I need something advanced, that’s good, that I can use in a small studio apartment. I’ve been getting by with an almost 20 year old total gym platinum and an AeroPilates machine. Nice but I’m bored. It’s limiting.

    Did you find that the GTS is more of a physical therapy/rehab machine or a suitable replacement for tough workouts done in the gym? There’s no place up here that has one I can try; there’s a limited 60 day money back trial and an extra 15% off. I’m really tempted to just get it. Let me know your thoughts please!

    • Hey there,

      I think a lot of us are finding it hard to do the things we enjoy in the current Corona Pandemic. We all get pretty stir-crazy here so I know where you are coming from. Fortunately, I do all of my workouts at home out of convenience really and I’m lucky enough to have an extra bedroom that I use as as basic gym. Very lucky indeed and grateful for it.

      I like the GTS, but for me, its a bit pricey for my pocket. It does have a lot of resistance that you can tune in, but if I was limited on space and getting pretty bored, I might do something more along the line to broaden the types of workouts I can do.

      If I already had a Total Gym and AeroPilates machine and was looking for more varied and tougher workouts in a limited space I would go with some equipment that would give me more bang for the buck. Maybe my adapted set-up would look like:

      Gym Build Out


      1. Total Gym Platinum
      2. AeroPilates

      New Additions:
      1. Adjustable dumbbells, PowerBlocks, BowFlex Selecttech 560s, or core fitness (if you need dumbbells over 50-60lbs each, PowerBlocks will be your best bet. They are the most expandable.)
      2. Adjustable weight bench (one that folds)
      3. Pull-up bar (one that you can use in a door frame.)
      4. Rubber floor mat for stretching, cardio workouts and body weight exercises
      5. A set of resistance tubing/bands with handles (highly underrated)

      All of this could very well fit into a small closet, under a bed or on studio balcony (if that’s allowed).

      This would give you a ton of flexibility and probably keep close to $3k in your pocket even with the 15% off from Total Gym direct.

      Let me know if I can be of more help.


      • Thanks Jeff! Yes, at this point it’s turning into saving every bit I have in case things get worse over the next year. Any unnecessary purchases just went out the window.
        Our house is a museum of fitness equipment from around 1990-2020. Still have the Reebok Slide (the lateral slide thing with the black things you slip over your shoes, then you sort of speed skate side to side); the old-old-old original Nordic Trac ski machine that even has the wooden skis), Torso Track, Reebok Step, and yes even the bow flex weights that you can dial up to 55 lbs or down to 10. There’s an enormous machine in the garage barely taken out of the box that says Gyrotonic. So maybe getting the GTS would’ve been a bit much in an already crowded museum of workout equipment from the past! I’m trying to make the most of this, the longer this goes on the more I wonder what the fitness center landscape will look like after COVID, because I like the convenience of working out at home.

        • Hey Jonathan,

          That is quite the collection you have there! I hear what you are saying about the fitness center landscape. I think it will take some time for things to be back to the way they “were”. For now, I am content with my spare bedroom converted gym. It’s nice to tell my family that I’m headed to the gym, while walking upstairs. It’s a huge time saver. When I need to get out, I get saddle time mountain biking – fortunately there are many local trails here in Austin that make you feel like being miles away from civilization.

          Let me know what you stick with in your set-up.


    • Hi there – I looked for an international ship list to see which countries they ship to. I found a “live” chat agent on the Total Gym website and I asked if they ship to South Africa. But the agent said to US and Canada only. Your best chance might be to find a seller on Amazon or locally who carries Total Gym machines. I was hoping that would work for you and I wish you the best of luck.

  2. I have had a Total Gym XLS (two of them) since 1995. But a few years ago my lower back just got too stressed trying to lift the glideboard from the floor up to higher levels. So I stopped using it. NOW I see there is this GTS model with hydraulic rail lift assist! I had no clue! (Go figure that one out.)

    I have always thought that the Total Gym was the best one-stop-gym home equipment and I am now considering the GTS for my exercise area AKA my dining room. My question is .. is it really that much easier to change the levels on the GTS with that hydraulic feature? In the videos online I see people pushing the top of the tower with one hand and pulling the rails with the other hand. They are not bending over which seems to indicate they are really not using their lower backs or core to change the slant upwards.

    I called Total Gym to see if anybody in my area of So Cal has one I can go see and they don’t have anybody. I would have to get on a plane and fly up to San Francisco to try this out.

    So hopefully you can answer this question – ease of using the hydraulic rail lifts for people that have bad lower backs (hence the reason among others of buying the Total Gym!)


    Sincerely, Cindy S

    • Hi Cindy,

      I’m sorry to hear about your lower back pain and as you know the Total Gyms are certainly great for that. I love than you have a workout space set up in your dining area too! I know that’s a side comment, but that is an often overlooked space for home gym goers like us!

      At any rate, adjusting levels is certainly easier with the GTS model. I wish you the best.



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