Is Defyned Brands The Same As Anabolic Warfare?

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One thing you’re sure to find in the fitness scene is many different supplement brands. The key is to choose the best ones that offer high-quality products. 

Anabolic Warfare supplements are newer in the industry. You may have seen that their products are listed on the website for Defyned Brands. It causes many to wonder, is Defyned Brands the company same as Anabolic Warfare?

Defyned Brands is the company behind the Anabolic Warfare supplements. The company offers several products on its website. Their supplements include pre-workouts, creatine, fat burners, mass gainers, and pump products. All these supplements use primarily natural ingredients that are well-dosed. 

I’ve actually tried several of these products and tested them myself. I enjoyed using many of them quite a bit and got good results. They seem to perform well compared to other options in the industry. 

In this article, I’ll break down who Defyned Brands is as a company and the different products they offer. Keep reading to get all the details. 

Key Takeaways

  • The Anabolic Warfare Supplements are well-dosed and use research-backed ingredients. 
  • These supplements stand up well to other options on the market. 

Popular Anabolic Warfare Supplements

There are several Anabolic Warfare supplements on the market. Some of the most popular are:

  • Project Bulk
  • Creatine Carnage
  • Creatine Monohydrate
  • Nuclear Armageddon Pre-Workout Powder
  • Veiniac
  • Phena-Lean
  • Pump-N-Grow

These are all the ones I’ve tried personally, and I’ve written reviews on each. The following sections will give more detail on what each has to offer. 

What is Anabolic Warfare Project Bulk?

Anabolic Warfare’s Project Bulk is a bulking and mass-gaining supplement formula. It’s meant to help you pack on some extra muscle mass when you’re in a bulking phase. It comes in capsule form, so it’s very easy to use and implement in your routine. 

This was honestly my least favorite of the Anabolic Warfare supplements. Unfortunately, it’s because many of the ingredients in it, like ajuga turkestanica and smilax root, are promising but not yet well-researched. 

But you shouldn’t just take my word for it. I wrote a full review breaking it down from my experience taking it and the scientific research behind each ingredient. You can read my full Project Bulk review here

What is Anabolic Warfare Creatine Carnage?

Anabolic Warfare’s Creatine Carnage is a creatine HCL supplement. It’s a pure creatine HCL powder without any fluff or filler. Creatine HCL is supposed to have quicker absorption than typical creatine monohydrate. This one is also pretty well-priced compared to other options on the market. 

What is Anabolic Warfare Creatine Monohydrate?

Like the previous one, this is a pure creatine supplement with no fluff or filler. The only difference is this one is creatine monohydrate. You’ll typically see creatine supplements in monohydrate form. Creatine monohydrate is time-tested and one of the most well-researched supplements available. 

Many wonder what the difference is between Anabolic Warfare Creatine Carnage and Monohydrate. I wrote a full article breaking it down from my experience taking both. You can read the full review here if you want to find out.  

What is Anabolic Warfare Nuclear Armageddon Pre-Workout Powder?

I’m a big fan of a pre-workout stacked full of stimulants. It gets me fired up before hitting the weights. If you feel the same way, this might be the product for you. Nuclear Armageddon is pretty much exactly what it sounds like. It’s an explosive pre-workout powder that gives you tons of energy and a pretty nice pump. You can find out more by reading my full review of it here

What is Anabolic Warfare Veiniac?

Everyone loves getting a good pump in the gym. Veiniac is a product designed to do just that. It’s stacked full of popular pump ingredients like L-citrulline, glycerol, and betaine anhydrous. These are all well-studied compounds and properly dosed in Veiniac. It was my overall favorite product of the Anabolic Warfare lineup. You can check out my full review of it here. 

What is Anabolic Warfare Phena-Lean?

We all find a time in our lives when we could lose a few extra pounds. Phena-Lean from Anabolic Warfare is a fat burner meant to help you in that process. It’s also great for bodybuilders who go through bulking and cutting phases to make fat loss periods more efficient. 

Personally, I’m not a big fan of fat burners. They’re simply not going to do much for the average person. But I decided to try Phena-Lean anyway to give a well-rounded opinion on it. You can see my full review here to get all the details. 

What is Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow?

Pump-N-Grow is Anabolic Warfare’s stim-free pre-workout. I workout at night sometimes, so it’s a good option to take a pre-workout and still be able to sleep after. Unfortunately, there aren’t many good stim-free pre-workouts on the market. But I think Pump-N-Grow fills that void quite well. You can see my entire review of it here

Are the Anabolic Warfare Supplements Effective?

Overall, the Anabolic Warfare supplements are effective, and most are well-dosed with research-backed ingredients. You can tell that Defyned Brands took their time formulating each of these. 

The only real miss in the lineup, from my experience, was Project Bulk. I also wasn’t a huge fan of Phena-Lean, but it’s really meant for competitive bodybuilders preparing to step on stage. So it fills the need for a niche audience. 

Others like Pump-N-Grow and Veiniac were my favorites. I’ll probably be buying both of those again. 

You can read my Anabolic Warfare reviews mentioned above to learn more about their effectiveness. 

How Do the Anabolic Warfare Supplements Compare to Other Brands?

I feel like these supplements stack up well, or even better, to other options available. 

Some of them fill a void where there aren’t many good options. As I mentioned before, Pump-N-Grow fills a need for a well-formulated stim-free pre-workout. And I felt like Veiniac filled the need for a great pure pump supplement. 

When I was using them and reviewing them, the brand I kept comparing these supplements to is Gorilla Mind’s products. Gorilla Mind is also a newer brand on the market. Their products are known to be stacked full of well-studied ingredients. 

While the Anabolic Warfare supplements aren’t as stacked up as Gorilla Mind’s products, most are cheaper per serving. So if you want something more budget-friendly yet still pretty effective, I feel like that’s where Anabolic Warfare’s products hold a good place in the market. Here’s a table breaking down the prices of both brands’ lineups. 

PriceServingsCost Per Serving
Anabolic Warfare Creatine Monohydrate$34.9960$0.58
Gorilla Mind Creatine Monohydrate$24.9930$0.83
Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow (stim-free pre-workout)$42.9930$1.43
Gorilla Mode Nitric by Gorilla Mind (stim-free pre-workout)$59.9920$2.99
Anabolic Warfare Nuclear Armageddon Pre-Workout$39.9930$1.33
Gorilla Mode Pre-Workout by Gorilla Mind$49.9920$2.50

As you can see, Anabolic Warfare’s option wins in cost per serving for each similar product in these brand’s lineups. 

Do the Anabolic Warfare Supplements Taste and Mix Good?

From my experience, most of the supplements in this lineup tasted pretty good. The only real miss on flavor was their Creatine Carnage which had a weird-tasting sweetener added to it. But even the flavor of that was more than bearable. 

My only real complaint is I wish they had more flavor options. Most of these only have two flavors available. I could see myself getting bored of the same flavors if I took them long-term. Since Defyned Brands is a newer company, I expect they may come out with more flavors later if these products do well. 

Do the Anabolic Warfare Supplements Have Any Side Effects?

I didn’t experience negative side effects while taking any of these products. They’re all very safe to take and well-formulated, so most people should be fine. 

If you’re sensitive to stimulants, you may want to be careful taking the Nuclear Armageddon pre-workout and the Phena-Lean fat burner. Those are both packed full of caffeine and other stimulants. So they could make some feel jittery or anxious. 

Other potential side effects of these products could be nausea, upset stomach, or cramps. But these are pretty rare for most people. To be safe, it’s best practice to check with a doctor before taking anything new. 

My Overall Opinion of the Anabolic Warfare Supplements

I think Anabolic Warfare is a great up-and-coming brand. They seem to put good thought into their products and do their research. Even Project Bulk, the one I didn’t like, is still packed full of promising ingredients. So even there, I applaud them for trying to innovate a bit. 

My Overall Rating of the Anabolic Warfare Supplements

If I had to give this full lineup a rating, I’d say it’s a 4.5 out of 5. It’s simply a great lineup of high-quality products. You can’t ask for much better from a newer company on the market. 



You can find all of the Anabolic Warfare supplements on the Defyned Brands official website.

How to Contact Defyned Brands?

From my experience, Defyned Brands provides excellent service. Here is a link to their contact and support page

Is Anabolic Warfare Third Party Tested?

All of the Anabolic Warfare supplements under Defyned brands are third-party tested. The company aims to ensure safety and effectiveness in each one. 


Androdrol is a prohormone that was added to the controlled substances list in 2021. It is no longer allowed to be sold in the U.S., which caused Anabolic Warfare’s supplement containing it to be taken off the market. 

Who Owns Defyned Brands?

Brian Marver is the owner of Defyned Brands. He’s successfully run many companies and is also a real estate investor. He aims to help others improve health and wellness with his work at Defyned Brands.

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