Waste Of Money? Does Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow Work?

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When I saw the Anabolic Warfare supplements, I was excited to try them. Pump-N-Grow especially caught my attention because it’s stimulant-free. I sometimes work out at night and don’t like consuming caffeinated pre-workouts too late. You shouldn’t be using pre-workout at night. Otherwise, you’ll be up all night. 

What you get with Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow is a stimulant-free pre-workout. It’s full of ingredients that are meant to give you a better muscle pump during workouts. So does Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow work?

Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow does give you a decent muscle pump during your workout. It has reasonably effective servings of common pump ingredients like L-citrulline, Nitrosigine, and betaine anhydrous. If you’re looking for a stimulant-free pre-workout, it holds its own against other top options.  

I’m letting you know right away this is a pretty good option. But there are some things I don’t like about it. I’ll break down my full experience in this Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow review. I’ll also provide an overview of what I think about the ingredients, price, and how it compares to other options. Keep reading to get all the details.  

Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow Key Takeaways

  • Pump-N-Grow contains evidence-based ingredients that are effective. 
  • The main complaints are beta-alanine in the formula and the low dose of L-citrulline. 
  • This supplement holds its own against other options. 


I took this supplement for a couple of months. I alternated between Pump-N-Grow and Anabolic Warfare’s stimulant pre-workout Nuclear Armageddon, depending on if I worked out at night or during the day. Both Pump-N-Grow and Nuclear Armageddon have very similar ingredients. Their similarities allow them to complement each other well for different use cases. 

This was a solid option as a stimulant-free pre-workout. I got pretty good pumps from it that helped me make the mind-muscle connection on important lifts. 

This pre-workout is marketed as a “muscle builder.” That said, I wouldn’t necessarily say the ingredients are meant to pack on tons of size. But it does help improve your performance to an extent. I felt like I could squeeze out a few extra reps while taking it. At the end of the day, that’s what a good pre-workout should do. 

My Opinion on the Ingredients

The ingredients they use in this formula are pretty good for the most part. My biggest complaint is the dosage of some of them. In each serving, you get:

  • 4,000mg of L-Citrulline Malate 3:1
  • 2,000mg of Betaine Anhydrous
  • 1,500mg of Beta-Alanine
  • 1,000mg of Highly Branched Chain Dextrin (Cluster Dextrin)
  • 1,000mg of L-Arginine Pyroglutamate
  • 500mg of Nitrosigine

What I Like About These Ingredients

Betaine anhydrous is well dosed. It is a good all-around pump and performance-boosting compound. It’s also shown that it could help improve body composition over time. 

Cluster Dextrin is also a solid ingredient to have in a pre-workout. The main benefit is it helps reduce fatigue during long training sessions. 

I also like the combination of Nitrosigine and L-arginine pyroglutamate. These ingredients work synergistically together. Nitrosigine is a formula designed to prevent L-arginine from breaking down when it enters the body. Combining the two ingredients makes them more effective when taken before a workout. 

What I Don’t Like About the Ingredients

I love L-citrulline as a compound. I like to say it’s the backbone of any pre-workout. It helps boost nitric oxide levels, which gives you that muscle pump and improves performance. If you’re looking at a pre-workout that doesn’t have citrulline, don’t buy it. My problem with this formula is that the citrulline is a pretty low dose. 

In 4,000mg of L-citrulline malate, you get 3,000mg of pure L-citrulline and 1,000mg of malic acid. 3,000mg of L-citrulline is the bare minimum dose to see any effect. You’ll still get a decent pump, but this supplement could do more to max out the citrulline dose.

I also don’t like that they have beta-alanine in the formula. Beta-alanine is one of my least favorite pre-workout ingredients. The main reason I don’t like it is the common side effect that makes you itchy. Although, at a 1,500mg dose, I didn’t feel itchy from it. 

Beta-alanine in this dose is also not effective. Studies have shown that you need to take 4,000 to 6,000mg of it per day to see results. So including only 1,500mg in this formula is pointless. You’d have to take a few scoops of this to see any effects from the beta-alanine. 

How Does Pump-N-Grow Compare to Other Products?

Pump-N-Grow is better than some other options on the market. But there are also options that perform a bit better. I’ll compare it to another stim-free pre-workout I use regularly, Gorilla Mode Nitric. Here’s a quick breakdown of how these two compare. 

FeatureAnabolic Warfare Pump-N-GrowGorilla Mode Nitric Stim-Free Pre-Workout
Servings Per Container3040
Malic Acid1,000mg1,500mg
Betaine Anhydrous2,000mg2,000mg
Cluster Dextrin1,000mgNone
L-Arginine Pyroglutamate1,000mgNone
Agmatine SulfateNone750mg

These two are pretty comparable in price per serving. I would say Gorilla Mode performs a bit better overall. Specifically, the pure L-citrulline content is quite a bit better. And then a lot of the other stuff kind of evens out. They each contain some things that the other doesn’t. 

Does Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow Taste Good and Mix Well?

I tried the Fruit Pump flavor of Pump-N-Grow. The flavor was decent, but it wasn’t my favorite. It tasted kind of bitter to me. I would give the flavor a 3.5 out of 5. 

As far as mixability, it was great. It didn’t have a lot of grit like pre-workouts sometimes have. So drinking it was overall a good experience. 

Is Pump-N-Grow Worth the Price? 

I think Pump-N-Grow provides good performance for the price. Some options may be a little bit better. But you won’t go wrong choosing this one as a stim-free pre-workout. I felt like I got good value for the money spent on this one. 

Does Pump-N-Grow Have Any Negative Side Effects?

I didn’t have any negative side effects from taking Pump-N-Grow. 

The one thing I would be most concerned about is that it contains beta-alanine, which could cause you to feel itchy. At a 1,500mg dose, it’s not as big of a concern. However, those sensitive to beta-alanine may still feel itchy from it. 

Other mild side effects could be nausea, upset stomach, or cramps. These side effects are rare, and most people should be ok. 

Talk to your doctor before incorporating any new supplements. 

My Overall Opinion on Anabolic Warfare Pump-N-Grow

I enjoyed my experience with this stim-free pre-workout. It gives you good pumps when you don’t want to be over-caffeinated. It’s also a great compliment to alternate with Anabolic Warfare’s stimulant pre-workouts. 

My Overall Rating: ★★★★1/2 

I’m giving this one 4.5 stars out of 5. My complaints that drop it down a half-star are beta-alanine being in it, the low L-citrulline dose, and the flavor isn’t the best. Otherwise, this is definitely a solid pick. It compares well to other options available in the price range.


Where to Buy Anabolic Warfare’s Pump-N-Grow Supplement 

You can buy Pump-N-Grow on Anabolic Warfare’s official website

What are the Side Effects of Anabolic Warfare’s Pump-N-Grow Supplement?

Side effects that could occur with Pump-N-Grow are:
Upset stomach
Most of these are rare or very mild side effects. That said, c

Is Anabolic Warfare’s Pump-N-Grow Supplement Natural?

Despite the company name “anabolic,” these are natural supplements, not steroids. It is also made of mostly all-natural ingredients. The two artificial ingredients are artificial flavoring and sucralose. 

How Much Caffeine is in Anabolic Warfare’s Pump-N-Grow Supplement?

Pump-N-Grow is not caffeinated. This makes it an excellent option for those that don’t want those caffeine jitters. 

Is Anabolic Warfare’s Pump-N-Grow Supplement Dangerous?

This should be a very safe supplement for most people to consume. The ingredients have all been clinically tested to be safe for consumer use. To be safe, check with your doctor before taking any new supplements. 

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