Does The Svelte One And Done Workout Really Work?

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Does One And Done work? $37
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One and Done Workout Review

Meredith Shirk’s One and Done workout is a practical solution for those who are short on time and don’t want to waste time going back-and-forth at the gym. The easy to follow work out take only 7-minutes to do and can give you the same benefits as doing traditional cardio in less than half the time. One and Done makes it super simple to get right into a workout routine that can be done multiple times to help get the weight loss and fitness results you are looking for without investing in equipment or gym memberships.


Wallet Friendly

Easy To Follow

Access on any device to stream anywhere

Workout less and get results

Saves Time

No Equipment needed

Workout indoors or outdoors (even tiny spaces)

Repeatable for long-lasting results

Great place to start


Only 14-days Long – Multiple cycles might become repetitive

Best used as an addon to more extensive plans like Metaboost Connection

Svelte Training One And Done Review

The One and Done Workout is a complete home workout that utilizes a powerful training technique called S.I.T. The program has all the calorie-burning and weight-loss benefits of high-intensity interval training without dangerous high-impact exercises. The One and Done workouts unlock your body’s metabolism to burn fat and tone your body in 7 minutes per workout.

Losing weight or getting the body you desire comes down to commitment and finding the right program to help you meet your goals. 

This can be hard because there are so many workout programs and poor advice on the internet. So it is practically impossible to know where to start.

Fortunately, Svelte Training has done the work for you and packaged it into a highly effective fat melting, body sculpting Workout: One and Done.

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Does The One And Done Workout Really Work?

Yes, it does. The One And Done program is based on 10-minute Sprint Interval Training (SIT) workouts. These aren’t actual “sprints” (more on that later).

The workouts can burn up to 28% more calories than High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) and 60% or more than traditional cardio in the same amount of time. 

This translates into less time working out and achieving your goals faster.

A Quick Note About One And Done Workout Reviews:

I can tell by reading the other One and Done Workout reviews that none of them have access to the program. Or, if they do, they haven’t dug very far into the program to give readers any helpful information. 

Instead, most of it is regurgitated from the product sales page.

I have access to the program and will give you inside the member’s area. 

And all of the course content so that you can have the most transparent possible view of whether or not this is the best program for you.

Who is the One And Done Workout For?

Meredith Shirk designed One And Done to be effective for men and women of all ages and fitness levels. 

One of the things I like about One and Done is that although it can be intense, the workouts can be dialed down to your current fitness level. 

So if you are totally new or want to improve your current fitness level, that can be done.

About The Program Creator: Meredith Shirk

Meredith Shirk is a Fitness Nutrition Specialist and founder of Svelte Media Incorporated. She is the creator of many high-quality supplements, foods, books, and online coaching. Her most notable are; One And Done and the Metaboost Connection (more in the FAQ). 

who is meredith shirk

What Is The One And Done Workout Program?

The One and Done Workout is an excellent way for women and men to get in shape without spending hours at the gym. 

It’s based on the Sprint Interval Training method to hammer weight loss and improve overall fitness in as little time as possible.

Don’t freak out. You won’t be sprinting in this program. 

Instead, the sprints are a “sprint” of exercises optimized to burn as much fat as possible in the shortest amount of time.

The One And Done exercises have more calorie and fat-burning power than traditional workouts and take only a few short 10-minute sessions per week. 

It is light on your pocket at just $37 (discounted through here); you’ll get an online member’s dashboard that can be accessed from any device. 

In addition, you will find all of the workout videos, healthy eating plans, and instructions that will show you how to do the workouts at home without expensive equipment.

So if you are looking for a way to burn massive calories, get fit without breaking the bank, and are short on time, the One and Done Workout might be what you are looking for! 

Click here to watch Meredith Shirk’s video about how to get the same benefits of working out for 45 minutes in just 7 minutes per day. Get your exclusive One and Done Workout discount.

How Do One And Done Workouts Work?

I’ve included a table to show how many calories One and Done workouts can burn compared to mainstream methods. 

Elliptical Trainer450-500
Orange Theory500-1000
One And Done (SIT)1000

Remember that the calorie burn listed is average, depending on effort.

One And Done uses a series of what I’d call: exercise bursts in their workouts. Not actual sprints.

The 14 unique workouts take 10 minutes to complete. That includes a warm-up, the main workout (Sprint / Recovery cycle), and a cool-down called a flow-down. 

The Sprint Workout and Recovery Cycles have unique exercises for each session. While the warm-ups and cool-downs are always the same.

One And Done Workouts Look Like This:

  1. Warm-up: 2-minutes
  2. Sprint Workout and Recovery Cycles: 7 minutes
  3. Flow-down (cool-down): 1 minute

Super simple!

How do One and Done workouts work

Considerations Before Doing Print Interval Training (SIT) Workouts

Is Sprint Interval Training (SIT) safe? Yes, but you might need to ease into them.

If you are just getting back into the swing of things, jumping right into an intense series of workouts could backfire on you. 

If your body isn’t ready, there is an increased risk of injury. So these sorts of workouts should be avoided if you have an injury (new or old) or are pregnant. 

I know that no one likes to hear this, but: It’s always best to consult with a doctor first. My experience with this program is that, for me, it was doable at higher intensities. 

And if someone were to ask me straight out: “Hey, is this something I can do?”. I’d say, “yes.”

The sky is the limit. Just ease into the workouts if you need to, and the program has guidelines for this and ramping up the intensity if you like.

Remember, though, that excessive high-intensity exercise sessions should be limited no matter how great your shape. 

Otherwise, have at it. You’ll burn calories faster than you can imagine.

The One And Done Workout Pricing

The program’s cost gives you everything you need to get started on your way to losing weight and getting into top physical condition. 

There are upsells, but they are not mandatory. In other words: just buy and go. 

The base price is $37. But, you can get a massive (undisclosed discount) by clicking here. Watch the short One and Done presentation or claim your instant discount. 

One And Done User Results

The rule of thumb is that you’ll have to burn about 3500 calories to lose one pound of fat. 

This can be through exercise, diet, or a combination of both. One and Done workout users have reported losing anywhere from 5 to 20 pounds or more due to following the program.

You aren’t going to lose 20 pounds in 14-Days though, because there just isn’t enough workout time scheduled to burn that many calories. Also, if you did lose 20, it could have some adverse side effects. 

High-intensity workouts can accelerate weight loss, but moderation is essential. One And Done considers this and schedules workouts only a few times per week.

So, how much can you lose on this program?

If you are consistent with the workouts and follow the meal plan, you should expect 5 or more pounds lost in 2 weeks. More if you add more workout days per week or up the intensity.

What Do You Get With The Workout?

One And Done is all about being easy and efficient. The guidebooks aren’t encyclopedias, and I like that. Sometimes it’s nice to have a ton of detail, but it can be a drag if you get information overload. 

Sometimes you just want to get to it, and Meredith makes it easy with the layout of the member’s dashboard, the workout videos, and guide books. The picture here is a screenshot of the member’s dashboard where you access all of the guides.

What comes with the one and done workout?
All of the One and Done guides are downloadable for easy viewing

This is what comes with the program to make sure you get on the weight loss track and stay on it for the long run:

One And Done Quick Start Guide: This 7-page guide tells you exactly where to start and what to do next. I like this because it takes the guesswork out.

One And Done Workout Manual: The guide is short as well. It covers the entire program in just 19 pages. I like that everything is here in one easy package. It covers the principles of SIT, how you’ll eat through the course, exercise, and workout descriptions, along with an extended workout calendar if you want to go beyond 14-days.

10-Day Keto Reset: I have done my fair share of keto in the past. And I can tell you that it is super effective. This guide can help you lose weight on top of what you’ll get from the workouts alone. Simple recipes, shopping lists, and a meal plan make it easy to stick with and see results. You can expect to lose even more weight if you follow closely.

Red Smoothie Bonus: This is a recipe book for detox smoothies to get you primed for the program. They also help keep your body clean and ready to absorb all the healthy nutrients from the Keto Reset. Although the recipes are simple, there are a lot of ingredients you’ll have to shop for. I got detox smoothies from a local shop when needed.

Green Smoothie Bonus: The same applies here. The smoothies are nutritious and tasty, but I just don’t like to keep track of so many ingredients. I got green smoothies from a juice shop too.

Progress Tracker: This simple calendar keeps you on track with the workouts, and you can keep notes with it. 

Member’s Dashboard: The member’s dashboard is where it all happens. It’s free from clutter and easy to navigate. All workout videos are accessed here, and so are all the guides mentioned above in downloadable format.

Workout Videos: The workout videos are easily accessible from the Member’s Dashboard. I like that Meredith keeps the workouts straightforward without a lot of fluff. The videos are engaging and easy to follow. They are also viewable on any device. That means you’ll have access no matter where you go.

What Sets One And Done Apart From The Competition?

One and Done has several features and benefits that set it apart from other programs.

One And Done Program Features:

  1. Its instantly available from the time of purchase and accessible from any device.
  2. The member’s dashboard is easy to navigate and puts everything at your fingertips.
  3. The workouts are short, easy to follow, and engaging.
  4. Exercise modifiers make it so most anyone can complete the workouts.
  5. Its pocket-friendly price makes it highly accessible.
  6. You’ll save the expense of a gym and or blowing it on expensive equipment since neither is needed.
  7. The 10-Day Keto Reset and recipes will have you on the way to healthy eating habits without much thought.

These are all great features, but let’s be honest: we expect even more when buying practically anything. 

Svelte training ensures that everything you need is included in the program to give you the highest chance of success possible.

But, 3 benefits separate the One And Done workout from the competition and put it in its own category.

One And Done Benefits

  1. The Sprint Interval Training (SIT) approach is not common. Most “high intensity” programs follow HIIT, a great calorie-burner. However, the SIT workouts in One and Done are far more effective. Doing (SIT), you can expect to burn 60% more calories than most other conventional workouts.
  2. The workouts last only 10 minutes per session and will boost your metabolism enough to burn calories long after your training ends.
  3. The short workouts and the fact that the program lasts only 14 days make it easy to see through to completion. 
Example One And Done Workout

Are There Any Cons To The Program?

There is a lot to like about this program, but there are a few things I would like to see.

  1. Video captions. This is not an issue for the most part, but it is what I call a “non-starter” for someone who needs them.
  2. Upsells. There isn’t anything extra that you need to buy after getting the program. But be sure you check your cart before paying. A subscription service is also available but is not 100% required. However, you’ll be automatically enrolled if you don’t uncheck the box. No one wants to see unexpected charges on their card. It is refundable – just letting you know to check for this.
  3. The progress tracker is just a downloadable/printable pdf. The idea here is to write down the foods you eat, your body measurements, and other information to track your progress. I’d like to see that be part of the member’s dashboard and not a separate piece of paper pinned to the fridge. That’s just me, though.

Watch this short One and Done video where Meredith Shirk explains all the benefits of the program to start losing weight now. Claim your discount before it’s no longer available.

What Are The One And Done Alternatives

Sprint Interval Training programs are uncommon, so One and Done stands out in this case. 

But there are other options. 

Especially if you want something that is more in-depth and maybe lasts a bit longer, programs that come to mind as solid alternatives to One and Done are; Metaboost Connection, Metabolic Renewal, and Metabolic Factor.


We have access to these programs, and our reviews are based on factual information like this one. I’ve left links to our articles so you can also check these out.

Metaboost Connection:

Metaboost Connection is another of Meredith Shirk’s weight loss programs designed to be done in as little time as possible. The high-performance, low-impact exercises and hyper-focused healthy eating plan help women over 40 melt stubborn fat from the arms, tummy, and love handles. 5-minutes per day is all it takes. Learn more about the Metaboost Connection here.

Metabolic Renewal:

Metabolic Renewal is a weight loss program that focuses on understanding your menstrual cycle and metabolic hormone type to accelerate weight loss and keep it off. This program is excellent for women of all ages, but those of us who are 40+ will find the results exceptional. Check out my Metabolic Renewal review or take the 60-second Metabolic Renewal Quiz to get a free hormone assessment and personalized plan.

Metabolic Factor: 

Metabolic Factor is a metabolism-boosting program like Renewal and Metaboost, but it is for both men and women. It also differs in the approach it takes to boosting metabolism. It doesn’t focus on exercise. It’s a 22-day healthy eating program that uses a little-known hormone management trick to help burn off fat naturally. This comes without calorie counting, excessive exercise, and cutting out the desserts and carbs we love.

My Overall Thoughts On One And Done

Most everyone will love the One and Done workout for its simplicity and ability to help burn calories faster than other mainstream cardio workouts.

It fits all ages and works well for women and men, and is an excellent stand-alone if you are time-starved and just want to get it done. It should be on everyone’s short list of calorie-burning workouts. 

So check out One and Done on their official website to torch fat now. Claim your exclusive discount here.

One And Done Workout FAQ

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6 thoughts on “Does The Svelte One And Done Workout Really Work?”

    • Hi there Jodi,

      The programs you mentioned are all individual programs and do not come with one another. Metaboost Connection and One and Done are both produced by Meredith Shirk and she sells them as stand alone programs. Metaboot Connection is a long term program that covers several weeks, while One and Done only covers a couple of weeks. Metabolic Factor is a totally different program and is produced by Dr.Jonny Bowden and sold by Metabolic Living. If you are looking for longer term programs, Metaboost and Factor would be the ones to look into. Both of those programs are more comprehensive that one and done which isn’t meant to be a standalone really.

      I hope that helps!


    • Hi there Cary,

      One and Done does not require an additional package. So if there are upsells of any sort in their current advertising, they are totally optional. However, One and Done is a short duration workout and lasts only a couple of weeks. It can certainly be done over and over if you like, but it would be worth looking into something else like Metaboost Connect or Metabolic Renewal for a longer term program. Most use One and Done as a compliment to their current workouts.

  1. I currently and doing the Metabolic Renewal program, 54 years old, was thinking of doing the 7 min workout/SVElt. In all honesty, which would you recommend if only can do one or the other?

    • Hi there Brenda,

      If you just want a program that you can hop right into and burn some calories, then One and Done is a good choice. However, Metabolic Renewal is a much more extensive program and is designed as a long term fitness and nutrition program. I look at One and Done as more of an addon to other programs for someone who wants to add higher intensity workouts. But Metabolic Renewal is more complete. Another one to look into is Metaboost Connection (also by Meredith Shirk) which is a more extensive program.

      So in a nutshell, if you are just looking for a plan that is series of quick workouts that you can fit in pretty much anywhere, then go with One and Done. If you need something that is more of a long term thing, then Renewal or Metaboost would be better choice.

      Best of wishes to you!




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