2022 Metabolic Factor Review – Real Long-Term Weight Loss?

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In this Metabolic Factor review, I’ll show you how it works and help you decide whether or not it’s the best approach to weight loss for you.

To lose weight and fat and keep them off, you must get your metabolism going. That’s what’s missing from most of the fad diets that pop up from time to time. Let’s look at how you can benefit from a program like Metabolic Factor and, most importantly if it fits your specific needs.


This is a pretty long and detailed read of the entire program. If you are pressed for time, click below to hop over to the Metabolic Factor website to identify your metabolic type and the next steps to take to make progress on losing weight. Deep discounts are available through this link as well. Click Here To Take The Metabolic Factor Quiz (exclusive discount)

Things To Consider Before Starting A Metabolism-boosting Diet Program

So, should you go for it and go on this kind of diet? Exercise alone can rev your metabolism. There are even some good supplements that can. A special diet isn’t really necessary. But it can be helpful if:

  • You have dieted in the past but had disappointing results
  • You have a lot of weight to lose
  • You want to lose weight quickly
  • You aren’t as physically active as you should be because of an injury or health condition.
  • You have low energy

If you fall into one or more of the above categories, you’re probably a good candidate for this type of diet. But consider the following before spending your money:

Does your doctor already have you on a special diet to treat a health problem? If so, talk to your doc and ask if he or she can recommend the best diet to lose weight.

Can you commit to a low-carb diet? Nearly all diets of this type restrict carbs to some degree. If you know there’s no way you’ll stick with it, think about a program that focuses more on exercise instead.

Take a little time and think about it. Either way, read on, and we’ll have a look at this program in depth and breadth.

What Is The Metabolic Factor Program?

Metabolic Factor is essentially a 22-day diet that claims to jump-start your metabolism.

Many diets focus on metabolism. Still, this one takes advantage of certain foods’ tendency to stimulate the production of a particular hormone that unlocks stored energy: fat.

That’s about 95 percent of the program. There isn’t any exercise involved, and there aren’t any supplements you have to buy. There’s no special equipment, additional subscriptions, or automatic shipments.

It’s offered exclusively by Natural Health Sherpa. Check out their site.

The program is presented as a downloadable e-book and several smaller files, like the all-important recipe book. You also get a printable progress tracker, access to the private Facebook group, and the option to receive daily inspirational and informative emails or weekly phone calls from the creator, Dr. Jonny Bowden.

According to the site, this diet is for busy people who don’t have time to cook special meals but need to lose weight and keep it off.

It’s not for anyone who has to follow an already restricted diet or can’t do without carbs.

metabolic factor infographic

Now let’s lay out the pros and cons:

What I like:

According to my research and fact-checking, the science behind the program seems very sound.

  • It’s presented honestly: There aren’t any surprises that will show up on your credit card bill.
  • After signing up and paying the initial charge, you won’t discover that additional purchases are required to complete the program.
  • The claims are realistic.
  • The recipes center around common ingredients.
  • The program is accessible from any device. So you can stream or read if you choose.

What I don’t like:

  • I wish it were more comprehensive on exercise

The Rundown

Does Metabolic Factor work? That’s your question, isn’t it? Whether or not it will work for you is the question. A close examination is necessary before you can answer that question for yourself.

Here’s how it works and how each program’s key features can help you raise your metabolism and reach your fitness goals.

The Metabolic Factor Quiz

This is where you start. There are around 20 questions about your family health history, eating habits, physical activity level, and other factors. When you finish the quiz, you’ll be informed which of the three main types of metabolism you have. Then you’ll be redirected to an introductory video where Dr. Johnny explains how your particular metabolism works.

This quiz isn’t a gimmick. I took it several times, giving different answers each time. Not only did I get different results each time I took it, but the results made sense.

If you decide to buy the program after taking the quiz and learning about your metabolism, you’ll receive a customized eating plan based on the quiz results. This is not a one-size-fits-all diet.

Short on time? Take the quiz to learn about your metabolism and get your healthy eating plan customized just for you. Click here for the Quiz. It’s quick and it’s free.

The Quick Start Guide

metabolic factor quick start guide

They say the Quick Start Guide teaches you all you’ll need to know to start immediately. Well, that’s kinda true. It’s more like a high-level overview. It doesn’t contain your personalized diet plan or anything.

It does have some value, though. You won’t want to read an e-book with over 100 pages on the first day. Once you read the Quick Start Guide, you can start the diet.

The Metabolic Factor Blueprint

metabolic blueprint

I’m a bit of a writer myself, so I like to criticize the writing of others. But I have to say; this is a very well-written book. It is rich in information. There isn’t any filler, and it doesn’t repeat itself over and over again.

You’ll learn all about metabolism. It is so interesting, and the information is presented in such an easy-to-digest format that you won’t even realize you’re learning as you read.

I read The South Beach Diet when it first came out years ago. I was impressed with the info contained in that book, and it’s all still relevant today. It laid out that diet that was all the rage at the time, but it didn’t go into the science behind the claims. That was very disappointing to me.

This book, on the other hand, delves deep into the science of metabolism and how it can work for you. It’s not an instruction manual. It gives instructions on how to follow the diet but goes beyond that and explains the how and why of the whole thing.

I learned that some foods boost the metabolism, and some slow it down. Even some types of exercise can drop metabolism into low gear and make you gain weight. Have you ever gained weight while trying to lose it on a diet? Well, maybe it wasn’t your fault.

The Blueprint explains that it’s not just about what food you eat that affects your metabolism, but when you eat it. You can even cheat on this diet if you do it at the right time of day.

There is an “exercise” program of sorts detailed in the Blueprint. I used quotation marks because I don’t consider these moves to be exercise. They really are moves. Think of them as a cross between yoga and very light cardio. Honestly, though. I do have doubts about these movements having an effect on metabolism.

If you’d prefer to listen, there is an audio book version of Blueprint available for a small additional fee.

The Recipes

They claim that these recipes only take 10 minutes to prepare, Some of them may be that quick, but not all of them.

metabolic 10 minute meals

You won’t have to spend a fortune or buy any strange food. You’ll recognize everything you see in the ingredient lists.

Most of the recipes look pretty good. They are all low in carbohydrates, and the carbs that you get are most complex.

One of the best things about the recipes being so ordinary, at least by my diet standards, is that your whole family can enjoy the meals with you. You won’t have to cook a separate meal for yourself.

The Seven Most Powerful IGF-1 Supplements

This download will introduce you to seven supplements that have been discovered to boost levels of IGF-1, the key hormone that this diet focuses on. It’s what jacks your metabolism.

IGF-1 supplements

You don’t have to go out and buy all or any of them. They are introduced and explained so you can decide whether you want to invest in them for that extra edge.

I wouldn’t recommend spending too much on them. Research over the past couple of years shows that the foods you’ll be eating when you follow the recipes do a great job at enhancing IGF-1 naturally and without the additional expense.

The Top IGF-1 Trigger Foods

IGF-1 trigger foods

Some of this info is repeated from the Blueprint. This download basically lists some foods that naturally trigger the star hormone. It’s helpful if you want to come up with some of your own recipes.

The Five Worst Exercise Mistakes

5 worst exercise mistakes

I’d recommend doing some kind of exercise while in this diet, either on top of or in place of the movements. It can’t hurt, and it will almost certainly help. But some exercise can hinder your weight and fat loss or even make you gain!

 Here you’ll learn the five exercise mistakes, how they’ll keep you from your goals and what to do in their place.

Support And Inspiration

You can elect to receive weekly calls from the good doctor himself, full of encouragement and information relevant to the point of the diet you are in at that particular time. Of course, they’re pre-recorded calls. Alternately, you can read the script for the calls on the site.

members area support calls

I’d recommend signing up for the emails instead. They are sent out daily and contain pretty much the same content as the calls, but they have more info and go into more detail.

The doctor highly recommends joining the private Facebook group. It’s only for subscribers, but there’s no additional charge. The advantage is that you’ll get to brag about your own progress as well as get inspiration from the brags of others who are on the program.

Metabolic Factor Website QUIZ

Their home page goes into even more detail than I do here. You will find more results and details about the prescribed method to lose weight there. This link gives you access to exclusive discounts as well. Click Here for the Metabolic Factor Quiz and get your exclusive discount.

The Social Media Vibe

I wanted to get a good snapshot of what people who completed the program thought. I looked through all of the usual suspects in social media land and found that there weren’t very many negative stories. Most people liked the recipes and were happy with the results by the end of the 22 days.

Almost everyone seemed to want to continue with the diet for the long term. You see, the Blueprint gives details about how to live a healthy, metabolism-enhancing life after you meet your goal, so you can keep the weight and fat off for good.

The lack of an exercise faction seemed to make some people skeptical. Maybe they were justified in their skepticism. It’s hard to tell because most people did do some kind of exercise, usually cardio, beyond the movements.

Not all of the online chatter was positive.

To quote one Twitter bird: “I read the big-a** book, followed all of the recipes, and even did the movements. I didn’t lose an ounce. What gives?”

Well, it’s hard to tell what went wrong. Did he take too much advantage of the dietary cheats that he was allowed? Maybe he has a very slow metabolism and actually needed one of the seven supplements for that extra edge. Given the low-carb, low-calorie recipes, it’s hard to imagine not losing at least some weight if you follow the program faithfully.

All in all, almost everyone who did it right lost weight from fat.

Metabolic Factor Alternatives 

I like to review unique diets and exercise programs if you haven’t noticed, so it’s no surprise that I couldn’t find anything quite like this one. But there are a couple worth mentioning.

Check out my Metabolic Renewal review. It’s similar to this one and exclusively from Natural Health Sherpa, but it’s geared more toward women. It’s tailored to work with naturally occurring female hormones. Sorry, men, but it won’t be that effective for you.

I don’t want to sound like I’m pitching for Natural Health Sherpa, but they offer several metabolism-enhancing programs, and I want to mention one more as a possible alternative.

Metabolic Prime is a 12-week program split into four phases that awaken, energize, overload, and max your metabolism in that exact order. It’s available as a DVD set as well as downloadable files.

Although it should theoretically work for anyone that Factor will work for, it would probably be best for seriously overweight or middle to advanced-aged people. It’s longer, and that extra time on the program could lead to more overall weight loss.

If, at this point, you are intrigued by the metabolic approach to weight and fat loss, I would recommend checking out the Sherpa website. Several more programs of this type are featured there, and it’s interesting how all of them are designed with one particular type of dieter in mind.

Now let’s look at some pretty similar programs that fall short for one reason or another.

Wake Up Lean takes a unique approach. It utilizes periods of fasting and HIIT exercise to kick the metabolism up. HIIT is well-known for unlocking fat as an energy source, but I’m highly skeptical of the fasting aspect. When you fast, your body may burn fat if that’s all it has to burn.

But starving the body causes it to go into “survive the famine” mode. It wants to store as much energy as it can, as fat. I just don’t know. Maybe they’re on to something. It’s a fairly new program. I’ll keep an eye on it and let you, dear readers, know if it’s any good.

There are a plethora of testosterone-based supplements and “miracle pills” out there that claim to kickstart the metabolism and peel pounds away. Some of them work, but most offer too little active ingredient or supply it in a form that is largely unavailable to the body.

Good supplements of this kind can be beneficial for some people in some cases. Still, they are usually only recommended by doctors when the cause of weight gain or obesity is low testosterone, to begin with.

Exercise can be an alternative to this and any other metabolism-enhancing diet. Cardio specifically, and HIIT especially, can work wonders for people who can’t seem to lose weight by dieting.

But I hesitate to recommend any kind of exercise as a one-off approach to boosting the metabolism. It can be a waste of energy. When your body starts torching fat, its natural response is to demand a larger intake of calories so it can replace the fat it lost. That’s a survival instinct. Fat has a purpose, after all. It’s just stored energy that the body wants to keep for lean times, no pun intended.

The best approach is a metabolism-revving diet, like this one, and some moderate to intense exercise.

My Two Cents

Boosting metabolism is a necessary part of shedding fat and losing weight. A good, simple, and effective dietary program can make that part of it much easier.

I’m impressed with Metabolic Factor. Your question is, “Does Metabolic Factor work?” You’ll have to answer that for yourself using the overview presented in my Metabolic Factor review here.

There are three main reasons why I think it’s worth a try:

  1. The program makes sense. It’s possible to lose weight if you follow the program’s guidelines.
  2. You won’t get ripped off. There aren’t any hidden charges.
  3. Almost anyone can follow the diet. It’s low carb, but you can cheat within reason.

Do you like what you’ve heard so far? Go ahead and click here to get your discount for Metabolic Factor. It could be the first step toward your health and fitness goals.

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