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The Metaboost Connection program is a fresh alternative to other women focused workout and diet programs that promise to rev your metabolism to lose weight fast. Metaboost connection expands on where similar programs fail to fill the gaps with systems that are simply too hard to stick with for lasting results.

The ability to access the course material online is a plus since there is no waiting for anything to be delivered and users are greeted inside by a well laid out member’s area with all the tools at your fingertips. This ensures that you get on the right track fast and the simple to follow exercise methods and healthy eating plans are fantastic.

Follow the program for the recommended time and you are sure to melt inches away from your waist and other stubborn areas. Are you ready to wear your favorite outfits or skinny jeans again? If that’s you, then Metaboost Connection is worth your while.

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  • Naturally ignite metabolism
  • Have more energy than ever before
  • Reduce belly bloating
  • Melt inches off your waistline
  • And regain firmer, glowing skin
  • Accessible on computer, smart phone, or tablet
  • Low cost for the amount of content you get (massive discount inside)


  • Like all things Metaboost is not perfect, but the amount of content, it’s quality, ease of use, and how effective it is for helping people lose weight and keep it off, it’s just hard to find fault.
  • The little things users might find would really be nit-picking and there just aren’t enough to outweigh the Pros.

Metaboost Connection Review

So you’re probably wondering, “Is MetaBoost connection legit?” Does the MetaBoost Connection actually work? Of course, it does, and this is just the short answer. The MetaBoost program is an amazing nutrition fitness system designed for women over 40. It focuses on foods and exercises that help balance hormonal issues and inflammation.

There aren’t many Metaboost Connection customer reviews out there that go into the level of detail that you will find here. Unlike other reviews out there we actually bought the program and have access to all of the material and can give you a look from the inside to help you find out if this is the best metabolism-boosting program for you.

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What is MetaBoost Connection?

The MetaBoost Connection is a whole package of diet and fitness created by Meredith Shirk, a certified fitness nutrition specialist and founder/CEO of Svelte Media Incorporated. 

She is also a National Academy of Sports Medicine Certified Personal Trainer with thousands of followers across numerous social media platforms. If you previously had doubts about her program, erase them; MetaBoost Connection is a one-of-a-kind female sculpting system.

Now, we all know getting in shape can be a daunting task for middle-aged people. After we clock 39, our bodies sort of respond less to exercises and diet. 

This is perfectly normal; this is why a healthy workout plan is necessary at this age. But with all the different tools and workout programs on the market today, you could get lost testing each one.

Metaboost Connection Meredith Shirk
Meredith Shirk is the creator of the Metaboost Connection program

The truth is, you don’t have to do so much to get your desired body. You really don’t have to spend those extra hours at the gym or skip out on your favorite dessert for months. 

With MetaBoost Connection, consumers get a unique opportunity to lose weight without feeling exhausted and hungry. The MetaBoost Connection program comes in multiple sections that address every part of this simple weight loss strategy. Metaboost is women-specific, so guys will need to look at something like Metabolic Factor to get customized plans for men.

Metaboost Connection Overview

  • Strategies for combating metabolism and inflammation at age 40 and above.
  • The truth about weight gain in your 40s and beyond; and how to lose weight faster.
  • Information on ‘5 weird supreme super foods’ that spark a cellular chain reaction for burning fat, reducing inflammation, and energy renewal.
  • Access to low impact, high-performance exercises for women in their 40s and beyond.
  • Never-seen-before MetaBoost shopping list and recipes for a healthier diet.

Things To Consider Before Buying Metaboost Connection

Now that you know how the MetaBoost Connection program works, there are certain things you should consider before trying it out. First, this program works differently for different people. 

The results may vary depending on how closely you practice the methods and how well you incorporate MetaBoost connection recipes into your daily diet.

The MetaBoost Connection program addresses weight gain in women over age 40. If you are at this age, i.e., in your 40s, 50s, 60s, and even 70s, you must understand that metabolism and inflammation are the major determinants of your weight gain.

Why are these factors so important?

First, metabolism controls how the body uses calories. Younger individuals experience a higher metabolism, burning through calories rapidly to keep up with body growth and erratic hormones. Conversely, the older you get, the more your metabolism slows.

You may experience sudden changes in your cognitive reasoning and respiration. This is why many women let go at age 40; they have to do a lot more work to stimulate their metabolism.

Inflammation, on the other hand, comes naturally with aging. Unfortunately, this can cause much pain since it can pressure joints, disrupt the digestive system, and damage the gut. 

Women in their 40s and above can experience a whole lot of pain and discomfort—how’s that backache looking?

These two factors combined need to be fixed first before any weight loss program can work successfully. This is why MetaBoost Connection is just so unique; it addresses these issues, giving you the foundation required to lose weight and become healthier.

How? Here’s how…

Metaboost Connection member's area
Here is an inside look of the member’s area where you will access the program contents

Features & Benefits, How MetaBoost Connection Works

Without further ado, let’s answer your most pertinent question; “How exactly does MetaBoost Connection work?” MetaBoost is an all-in-one program that teaches you both diet and exercise strategies for weight loss. 

Every lesson in the package is compiled by Meredith Shirk, CPT, FNS, WLS, and BCS—yes, these are mighty nutritionist certifications. Within this program, you’ll find a guide with advice on diet and exercise, as well as a grocery shopping list, belly fat tips, and other recipes.

To be honest, I have never seen any weight loss package like this. In fact, all of the content within this program is geared towards boosting metabolism. It was like I struck gold.

And yes, even in your 40s and beyond, you can boost your metabolism with a well-balanced diet and rigorous lifestyle. 

MetaBoost balances this superbly well, teaching you the most effective diet and exercise routines that support a healthy metabolism.

As a woman, I can somewhat connect to what middle-aged women go through. In your 20s, your body was the stuff of envy. But after experiencing childbirth, weight gain or, just normal aging, your metabolism takes a hit; and you suddenly accumulate all this fat.

 It’s perfectly normal, but there is always something you can do about it. With MetaBoost Connection, consumers can keep a fit body at every age of life, even grannies.

There is absolutely more to MetaBoost than meets the eye. This program activates enzymes within the body that speed up metabolism. 

‘MetaSwitch,’ as the creators call it, involves using superfoods to accelerate the burning down of calories and fat. These resting calories contribute to weight gain; however, 40+ aged women can positively change their body fitness by using this program.

At first, I was skeptical of all these programs’ promises. But after discovering that Meredith Shirk—the creator of MetaBoost Connection—used this to significant visible effect, it made perfect sense why celebrities and professional athletes use this program. 

IT WORKS! It may take some months, a year, or more, but it truly works.

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What You Learn in MetaBoost Connection, Its Features

The great thing about MetaBoost Connection is that it fits seamlessly into the user’s lifestyle. It is created specifically for individuals passionate about getting in shape without going the extra mile. 

As you know, women over the age of 40 have a workout limit; with MetaBoost, you can lose weight a bit more conveniently without going to bed starved or feeling sore.

MetaLifestyle, as the creators call this program, provides users with multiple guides that educate them on the best diet and fitness routines.

MetaBoost Connection promises the ability to shed weight without fighting the natural metabolism slowdown associated with aging. Instead, if you show enough commitment and make the necessary lifestyle adjustments, your body will receive significant weight-loss benefits.

Metaboost Connection Table of Contents
The main Metaboost Connection guide covers everything you need to lose weight with the program

Here Are A Few Things You Will Learn With The MetaBoost Connect Program:

Low-Impact Exercises: 

MetaBoost helps you improve your overall fitness levels by providing strategies for muscle-specific exercises. 

For example, 40+ year women can participate in low-impact, easy-to-perform exercises that build your lower belly, love handles (lips), and loose arms. 

The creators call it the 3Ls that need to be exercised for better fitness.

MetaInfluencer SuperFoods:

 There are specific categories of food classified as ‘superfoods.’ With this unique MetaBoost program feature, you gain valuable shopping lists for these metabolism-boosting foods that can help you lose weight faster.

Pain and Inflammation Reduction: 

That ache in your joints, neck, or back can be dealt away with MetaBoost Connection’s targeted pain relief strategies. 

In addition, by following the MetaLifestyle routine, you can balance your body’s hormones, calm your nerves, reduce inflammation, and feel more energized throughout the day.

Good Diet Strategies: 

MetaBoost Connection suggests viable diet strategies that make you much fitter when looking for healthier, younger-looking skin. What’s more, you don’t have to sacrifice a lot of your existing diet to get on this unique MetaBoost Connection healthy eating plan.

Lifestyle Advice for Women in their 40s and Older:

As I mentioned, the MetaBoost Connection targets metabolism and inflammation risk factors in women in their 40s and older. 

The Svelte Training is founded on various studies, so you can ensure its health and wellness strategies are well researched. 

Meredith Shirk, the creator, is also a renowned, certified nutritionist with decades of experience that she is only too pleased to share with consumers.

How Do Users Benefit from the MetaBoost Connection?

As Meredith Stark demonstrates, these 5 superfoods are the major success determinants of the MetaBoost Connection program. Indeed, all consumers are encouraged to eat these foods during the entire program. 

And the reason for this is that these superfoods are necessary for boosting metabolism and reducing inflammation. In addition to these foods, another benefit of this program is its low-impact workouts specifically designed for women 40 years and older.

I have experienced the benefits of this program, and it all just adds up into one explosive weight-loss strategy. So let’s analyze it a bit, shall we? What benefits can a middle-aged woman really gain from the MetaBoost Connection program?

Undeniable Power of Superfoods!

Superfoods—yeah!—what exactly are these things? According to nutritionists, superfoods are foods considered more nutritionally dense than other foods.

For starters, the superfoods included in the MetaBoost Connection program are very special. They are called ‘MetaInfluencers’ or ‘Supreme Superfoods” for a reason—they work. Consumers will have to purchase the program to know what these unique superfoods are.

But in the meantime, we can reveal just how important superfoods are to weight loss and a healthy body. Superfoods are well known for their high nutrient value. They are also known to provide antioxidants crucial to eliminating the buildup of radicals within the body that damage the organs. 

In that sense, superfoods not only improve weight loss but also reduces inflammation.

Inflammation, not treated with good food, will make it harder for joints and organs to operate as they did in your younger years. 

To make this work, the creators of the MetaBoost Connection program provide its users with shopping lists for superfoods down to the recipes needed to make them into enjoyable meals. 

This is, by far, a big plus of this program and a significant benefit, many women 40 years and above will enjoy.

Metaboost Connection recipes
Metaboost gives you complete meal plans that are easy to cook and taste great!

Workouts that Work!

You might say, “Why not just hire a personal trainer or go to the gym?” For younger people with a more active metabolism, participating in intense workouts is the way to go. 

But at 40 and beyond, the female body just does not have the same stamina for high-level exercises. Therefore, low-impact workouts are the best choice for individuals with weak joints.

Sure, while these exercises are low-impact, users still need to have laser-focus and put in high performance to make them work. 

These exercises target the 3Ls: lower stomach, hips, arms, and other female body parts that struggle with weight gain.

By performing these muscle-toning workouts, you can increase the rate at which your body burns calories; and look healthier and younger.

The best part about this program is that these exercises only take a few minutes, daily, to carry out. These isometric-based workouts help consumers shed the extra weight, toning their lean muscle mass down considerably. 

Of course, more details are shared within the guide, but just at first sight, you can tell, that the MetaBoost Connection program really works.

Purchasing the MetaBoost Connection Package, What to Expect

Ready to give MetaBoost Connection a try, you can get instant access to the program by registering only, with an affordable one-time fee of $29 through this website. Normally $99.95

After making a purchase, you get full access to the entire MetaBoost Connection, which consists of the following multiple guides and videos:

  • Ebook: MetaBoost Metabolic Flush Digital Manual
  • Ebook: MetaBoost Belly Blaster Digital Manual – MetaClean and MetaLean
  • Instructional videos for MetaBody Training with Targeted Exercises & Muscle Awakening Isometric Movements
  • Exclusive Access to a Member’s ONLY Dashboard

Other mini-features included are:

  • 24/7 access to a supportive community and a fast-response service team
  • All purchase comes with a money-back guarantee for 60 days.
  • Instructional videos for MetaBody Training with Targeted Exercises & Muscle Awakening Isometric Movements
  • Bonus: a MetaBalance Natural Hormone Balancing Superfoods Guide

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Metaboost Connection Customer Reviews

Like every consumer on the planet, I researched to ensure the MetaConnection Program really does offer the features it promises. 

So I scoured the internet for some user reviews, and it was totally worth it. I came across various positive experiences of women who used the MetaConnection Program to significant effect. 

There is something genuine about these testimonials, and I’m only too glad to share a few with you. The first user claims to have tried running, spinning, and Pilates to no great effect until she tried Meredith’s program.

After trying Meredith’s program, she lost a ton of weight in a short period. Another user lost 9 lbs. and about 111/2 inches ad is grateful to Meredith for a free mind, clearer skin, and better sleep.

Want to see these testimonials for yourself? Head over to the Metaboosting Website to find many happy women whose lives have been transformed through the MetaBoost Connection Program.

Jill W. is one of the program’s first success stories. Many more have followed since then. More details about Jill and everything she had to overcome to lose weight is inside the main program guide inside the user area.

She struggled with losing weight and keeping it off even after years of dieting and intense exercise programs. The Metaboost Connection program helped her acheive her weight loss goals.

Metaboost Connection weight loss success stories
Jill W. is one of Metaboost Connection’s Success Stories

Metaboost Connection Alternatives

Like all fitness and health products, the MetaBoost Connection program does have alternatives. In this case, the closest competitor would be Metabolic Renewal, a weight loss program for women. 

It is more geared towards women of all ages, rather than the 40s and upwards of the MetaBoost Connection program.

Like MetaBoost Connection, which utilizes a system lasting 60 days or 81/2 weeks, MetaBoost Renewal is also a short-term program lasting 12 weeks. 

However, unlike MetaBoost, which focuses on the 3Ls, Metabolic Renewal takes a more natural approach to health and fitness. 

Here, the focus is on building the 4M framework designed by the creator, Dr. Jade Tata, Mindset, Movement, Meals, and Metabolics.

Okay, what’s the difference? At first sight, it seems that both programs do the same; combining structured meal plans with routine workouts. 

They both offer guidebooks that help balance hormone levels in the female body and eliminate body fat associated with aging. However, whileMetaBoost Connection supports eating superfoods, Metabolic Renewal focuses on a lower carb, high protein diet. 

When it comes down to it, Metabolic Renewal is a good alternative as it encourages weight loss and is quite flexible to follow. The only drawback is that the program isn’t quite backed by sound science. 

As a result, it still leaves a lot to be desired as some users who return to their regular diet experience weight regain. 

Metabolic Renewal still contributes to a long-term healthy lifestyle.

Therefore, if you want a health and fitness program that lets you eat what you wish, the Metabolic Renewal program is definitely a good choice with slight moderations in the diet. 

You may find more information about this unique program via the official website. It currently sells for $37, slightly costlier than MetaBoost Connection.

Conclusion – My Two Cents

The MetaBoost Connection program is a diet and exercise regime created by certified nutritionist Meredith Shirk and the Svelte Training team. 

Women in their 40s and above can benefit from this program’s fitness and nutrition tips which support weight loss. In addition, the MetaBoost Connection speeds up body metabolism and helps middle-aged women shed off excess weight. 

When compared with underwhelming health and fitness programs littered across the internet, MetaBoost Connection is 100% legit. 

While there are no specific weight loss directions in this program, the creators are confident in helping its consumers live fitter and healthier.

To learn more about how MetaBoost Connection works, visit the official website at MetaBoosting today. After a short free special video explaining the program benefits in more detail, you’ll have a chance to claim your discount. It’s automatically applied.

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Here is a secret tip: If you are short on time and don’t want to watch a video, you can skip it to get started right away.

Metaboost Connection FAQ

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