22 Minute Hard Corps Review – Can you get lean in less than 30 minutes?

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22 Minute Hard Corps Review
22 minute hard corps

Product Name: 22 Minute Hard Corps

Product Description: 22 Minute Hard Corps is a bit unlike most Beachbody on demand programs. This one is done in a boot camp / basic-training style. basic. Tony Horton leads the stage here. If you remember P90x - he is the guy behind one of the most successful home workout programs of all time. This time though he will run you through 22 minutes of military inspired workouts every day.

Brand: BeachBody


22 Minute Hard corps is an interesting take on the typical workout programs. The boot camp style is a lot of fun and the exercises are effecting. The equipment used for the exercises, include the usual suspects like dumbbells. However, the addition of a sandbag means you will be challenged with exercises outside of the norm. Overall 22 Minute Hard Corps is a great series that is sure to help you build strength and a solid core.


A perfect workout program for people who have little time to spare, but need a good dose of motivation to keep at it. Tony is high energy.


The workouts could be a bit short for someone who is looking for something more intense to burn more calories.

In this 22 Minute Hard Corps review, I’m going to show you how this Beachbody on Demand resistance and cardio program can get you lean in just this in just eight weeks of 22-minute workouts.

It’s the goal of millions: get into shape, lose fat and shed pounds. There are thousands of diet and exercise programs that promise to make this easy. I know from experience that nothing will make it easy, so you need to find one that will make the most of the effort you put into your physical transformation.

22 Minute Hard Corps can be found on Amazon, but in DVD format only. It’s best to get a subscription to Beachbody on Demand. It’s not only cheaper, at about $9.99 per month, you’ll also have access to all of their programs.

You’d pay over $100 for a DVD set without the flexibility of being able to stream on any device.

Consider Whether A Resistance And Cardio Regimen Is Right For You

Cardio burns fat and boosts metabolism, which helps keep the fat from coming back if you exercise regularly to keep it boosted. Resistance adds intensity to cardio to make it more effective. It also adds muscle, which makes exercise burn more fat in less time. The combination of cardio and resistance together in one program is a one-two punch against fat and excess weight.

But is it your best path?

You have to be healthy enough to do intense cardio. If you have a health condition that can be aggravated or triggered by vigorous exercise, you should go with a light cardio program. Even light aerobics can help you lose weight if you do it often.

The diets that typically go with this type of programs are safe for the vast majority of people. They’re low-fat and usually low-carb, at least at the start. Talk to your doctor before starting any diet if you are diabetic or are already on a doctor-ordered diet.

Do you have time to exercise every day? This is key. Most programs like this run for five to seven days a week for their duration. You have to be able to keep up, or your results will likely be disappointing.

Check out what the exercises are like before committing to a program. You have to be comfortable doing them. Also check out the equipment needed. If you have to go out and buy anything, there’s a good chance that it’ll be something you already want anyway.

But this type of program usually only requires some light dumbbells or resistance bands, a pull-up bar and maybe a sandbag.

What Is 22 Minute Hard Corps?

22 Minute Hard Corps is an eight week HIIT and resistance training program which, along with its nutritional program, promises to help you burn fat, raise metabolism, drop pounds and have a generally healthier body. All of these benefits come from the daily 22-minute workouts.

You may notice many similarities between 22 Minute Hard Corps and some other HIIT programs that incorporate weights and other forms of extra resistance. T-25, also by Beachbody on Demand, is similar, but it focuses more on the cardio and less on the resistance. T-25 doesn’t give any breaks between exercises in any of its workouts, while this one does.

The program was developed by the famous personal trainer Tony Horton, and he modeled it after the intense exercise done by Marines in boot camp. The military is famous for getting recruits into shape quickly, so it seems that Horton picked a good inspiration.

22 Minute Hard Corps is also available on Amazon without a BeachBody on Demand subscription. But only do that if streaming is not an option. It’s pricier to get DVDs.

A Closer Look

A quick note: This workout is only available through beachbody on demand. Check out my free trial review article here for more details.

Before you commit two months of your life to this program, you should have a good understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. If you decide it’s probably not the best choice for you, check out the alternatives that we’ll talk about later.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Start

The Mission Guide helps you get started. It answers all the questions that you’re likely to have before you start. Of course, we’re going to cover most of them here, but it’s nice to have this quick start guide before you start and while you’re working through the program.

You may want to print this out and hang it on your fridge. Not only is it good to see what you’re doing, but seeing where you’ve been can be a great motivator to get you to the finish line.

8-Week Basic Training Action Plan is the 22 Minute Hard Corps schedule that you’ll stick to. It’s basically the calendar that tells you when to do each workout. It’s important to follow this. This program is laid out in such a way that each workout kinda builds on the last. There are ten main workouts, plus three bonuses.

The Hell Week Challenge Card goes along with the Mission Guide. It will guide you through your week of hellish workouts. Don’t skip this week. Your results depend on it.

22 Minute Hard Corps Rations For Results is the nutritional guide of the program. It’s a pretty straightforward diet, and we’ll look at it in more detail later.

You’ll get a Fit Test to take whenever you want to. It shows you your progress at any point during the program. You’ll be proud when you’re on track and find the extra motivation you need when you’re not. You record your progress on the included Tally Sheets.

The Workouts

Cold Start is a warmup workout that you can do if you need that period of moderate exercise to get you going. It can be considered light cardio. This 12-minute workout will get your heart pumping and your muscles limber.

There are three cardio, three resistance and two core workouts that make up the main exercise part of the program. The 8-Week Training Action Plan alternates these workouts for maximum effectiveness, but you’ll only do one workout every day.

Of course, you could do an extra workout every now and then to get quicker results, but the course is designed to deliver on its promises with only one workout per day.

Cardio 1 is a basic HIIT session that burns a ton of calories. Its seven moves all seem to flow into each other seamlessly. I like that because there is none of that awkwardness when switching between moves.

Cardio 2 is three rounds of seven moves. The rate is quicker, though. Cardio 3 features three rounds that incorporate floor moves and plyo. There’s no weights or equipment used for any of the cardio workouts, but a good jump mat is highly recommended.

These cardio sessions are probably a bit more intense than anything you’re used to if you’re just now making the transition from neighborhood to home gym. You’ll be keeping up with pro personal trainers and their cohorts, all of whom are in great physical shape.

No one is going to be slowing down because there are a few stragglers who are having trouble keeping up. There are some modifiers, but you should only take advantage of them if you have to. The goal is to keep up with Tony and the crew as much as possible.

The focus on resistance training is a great thing to see. It doesn’t matter how many calories and how much fat you burn if you don’t have the muscle to keep it all off. That’s one big reason why traditional diets don’t really work. They ignore muscle.

But your muscles will get plenty of conditioning in this program, thanks to the well-designed resistance workouts. Resistance 1 is good enough to get the average couch potato into shape. But of course, it doesn’t end there. That’s just the beginning. Resistance 2 builds on it.

This second round of resistance is more intense and works out almost all of the body’s muscles. This is where it starts to get tough. Resistance 3 builds further on 2, but it adds plyometric resistance training.

This adds a new dimension to your whole workout experience. The program’s results couldn’t happen in such a short program without these plyometrics.

The resistance workouts require dumbbells and a pull up bar, and a jump mat and PT sandbag are also recommended.

The core exercises are also crucial. You have more muscles than you may realize in your core. Working them all can double the amount of calories you torch. Plus, getting a lean midsection will give you the body shape you’re after.

No transformation program can be effective and deliver its promises without special attention to the abs and lower to mid back muscles.

Core 1 works the entire core in a progressive way. Each individual muscle group gets special attention. But they also all get worked together. This ensures that the benefits are spread across the entire core instead of just one area, like with other programs.

It really is amazing that there are so many so-called “core” workouts out there that completely ignore the back. That’s a great thing about Beachbody on Demand. They make sure that all of the programs proposed to them are complete in every way. Core 2 is faster paced. You’ll feel the burn for sure.

There’s no equipment needed for the core workouts, but dumbbells and a PT sandbag are recommended for the best results. A jump mat can also come in useful.

Do you have a workout buddy? Well, you can put your buddy to good use with the bonus Battle Buddy workout. Your friend basically provides resistance. But many of us who work out at home do so because we want to workout alone.

I fall into this category most of the time. So what about people like us? We can just use dumbbells for resistance if we want to do the Buddy Battle.

The Eating Plan

The diet that goes along with this program isn’t particularly restrictive. Some people who have worked this one to the end actually enhanced the diet by cutting fat even more. Some have even gone keto. I wouldn’t recommend this though, even if you’re after quick results.

The workouts, even the resistance sessions, are comprised of pretty intense cardio. You’ll need some carbs for energy. Follow the diet as it’s given. That’s your best bet. It was developed by a pro to be the perfect compliment to the workouts.

Basically what you’re looking at is a reduced carbohydrate and fat diet that allows plenty of protein. There’s three meals per day, and you even get snacks in between. That’s something you don’t see in many traditional diets.

The snacks are important though. They keep you from being too tempted to cheat and provide a steady stream of energy for you that lasts all day.

The nutritional plan includes Shakeology supplements. These aren’t totally necessary, but I recommend them if you don’t mind spending the extra cash.

These shakes are undeniably rich in protein, but they aren’t protein shakes. They also supply probiotics, fiber and micronutrients. It would be nice to have that extra edge.

You may also want to check out the line of Performance supplements available from Beachbody on Demand. There are several formulations available for a little extra support at every and any stage of this program, or any program for that matter.

You get a bunch of recipes with the nutritional plan. And they are written for everyday people, just like us. There aren’t any exotic ingredients or fancy kitchen equipment required. Watch the snacks, though.

Stick with what’s allowed, and resist the temptation of junk food. There’s no place for it if you want quick results.

Tracking Your Progress Through The Training

You can take the test as often as you want to during this eight weeks. I’d recommend doing it at the very beginning and every two weeks thereafter. Be sure to record your progress on the tally sheets.

Is tracking your progress important? It is crucial. If you feel like you’re behind, you can push yourself harder. If you feel like you’re keeping up, you can enjoy that feeling of satisfaction as a reward.

Best of all is when you complete the program and look back at your long road of physical transformation.

Does It Work For Real People In The Real World?

I won’t even talk about a fitness program unless I can see what it has done for actual people. Personal trainers get good results from any program they may work. Getting good results is their job.

I’m concerned with real people who work out at home without a trainer in their face. You know: people with 9-5 jobs that have kids that need rides and houses that need tending and mending.

There are hundreds of reviews online about 22 Minute Hard Corps results. Almost all of them are positive. Let’s look at two average people who have completed the program and gotten the results they were after. This can be you is you have the determination to push through to the end.


Even Beachbody coaches occasionally find that they need to buckle down and get into better shape. Since they see Beachbody on Demand results on a regular basis, they usually go with a Beachbody program.

Karyn had worked the Master’s Hammer and Chisel program, but she gained some of the weight and girth back while dealing with the demands of a busy life. She needed something that could get back into the shape she wanted to be in without demanding an hour or more per day. So she did some research and settled on 22 Minute Hard Corps.

She stuck with it and ended up losing 14 pounds in just two months. That is a realistic goal for just about anyone. All it takes is the determination to follow the workout schedule and stick with the eating plan.


Shawn was part of the original test group for this program. When he heard that he may be able to get into shape with less than half an hour of exercise per day, he knew he needed to try it.

He lost almost 12 pounds in eight weeks. What’s more, he says that he really is in the best shape of his life. He was surprised by the intensity of the program. Many people are.

Shawn’s biggest concern was time. As a graduate student, he really needed something that would be quick, both in terms of daily exercise and the length of the program. He couldn’t spend his study time working out, and he didn’t want to spend five or six months to hit his goal. Well, he hit his goal before the end of the program.

Alternatives To The Corps

There are many programs that combine cardio and resistance, but many of them stretch out for more than three months. Of course, the ones offered by neighborhood gyms stretch out for as long as you pay your membership.

But we want results that we can get at home without paying hundreds of dollars and still spending half of our workout time in traffic. So let’s look at a couple other programs that may give 22 Minute Hard Corps a run for its money.

22 Minute Hard Corps Vs T-25

Both of these Beachbody on Demand programs get to their results by alternating between cardio and resistance training. But T-25, instructed by Shaun T., focuses more on cardio. It is therefore better at burning fat and calories, but not quite as good as 22 Minute Hard Corps when it comes to toning up.

T-25’s workouts are also just a few minutes longer at 25 minutes rather than 22. That’s not a huge difference, but the shorter 22-minute workouts can be much easier to push through for people with more limited exercise experience. The program lasts a couple weeks longer, too. That extra 14 days can give you better results if you go all out with the workouts.

  • T-25 is better suited to weight loss, while 22 Minute Hard Corps offers more resistance workouts for better muscle tone
  • Those three minutes that 22 Minute Hard Core shaves off can be a real plus for beginners
  • T-25 runs an extra two weeks for a total of 10

You may be better off with T-25 if you primarily want to lose weight. You can pick-it-up on Amazon here. Or through a Beachbody on Demand subscription (Free 14-Day Trial)

22 Minute Hard Corps Vs P90X3

P90X3 is another Beachbody program developed by Tony Horton. Its workouts combine cardio, resistance and power moves in the 30-minute sessions.

The key difference in the results you’ll see between the two is in muscle mass, 22 Minute Hard Corps does tone muscle, but it doesn’t build it up much. P90X3, on the other hand, can help you gain some impressive bulk.

P90X3 is also an indefinite program. There’s no set time limit. The idea is that you go until you are satisfied with your results. You could even theoretically cheat and shorten the workouts, but then you would be robbing yourself of quick results and the endurance you can gain by keeping up.

  • 22 Minute Hard Corps lasts for eight weeks; P90X3 can be as long or as short as you need it to be
  • P90X3 workouts last eight minutes longer than those of 22 Minute Hard Corps
  • P90X3 builds muscle mass, while 22 Minute Hard Corps mostly sharpens muscle definition
  • Both have been created by the awesome and highly motivating Tony Horton

P90X3 (Amazon) would likely be a better choice for you if you want to bulk up or tone. It may also be better if you are looking for a cardio and resistance program that is more long tern rather than a means to quick results.

Specforce Alpha Home Workout Program

This is the only alternative than Beach Body programs. The Alpha system is a much more intensive hardcore experience for people who want a true military style workout. This program is packed full of military works like those used by the Special Forces to keep their troops in shape and ready to take on anything.

If you are looking for a home workout program that will put your endurance to the test, then this is the workout for you. Check out my full Specforce Alpha review here.

The Final Word

22 Minute Hard Corps is an intensive eight week boot camp-like fitness program that promises weight loss, fat loss and better muscle tone. What makes it so good is the relatively short workouts, the simple nutrition plan and the alternation between cardio and resistance training.

You can get the body you want in only two months if you are in decent shape to begin with. But you don’t have to keep looking if you are in not-so-good shape, or even if you are not that used to exercise at all.

You may have to run through the program twice if you want to lose more than 15 pounds. If you’re not used to hard exercise, you can make use of the workout modifiers at first.

22 Minute Hard Corps makes great use of 22 minute workouts. It’s very easy to get into for those of us who are busy new to working out or just getting back into it. Get access to the program and full library through Beachbody on Demand.

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