2022s Best Of Schwinn AirDyne Pro Reviews

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It’s pretty amazing what a good air bike can do for you. Due to their more-or-less infinite resistance, you can do everything from light rehab workouts to intense HIIT sessions. I like to workout on one when I don’t have the time to get out on my mountain bike.

There aren’t many Schwinn AirDyne Pro reviews out there and here I will focus on the most versatile of the AirDyne series. You’ll know enough about it to decide if it’s the one for you by the time you’re done reading it.

Consider These Things Before Buying A High-End Air Bike

Do you need to spend about $1,000 on an air bike? Well, you might want to. It depends on what you expect to get out of it.

You can get a bare bones model for a few hundred. If you just want to get a workout with no real idea of how many calories you’re burning or what your heart rate is, you’ll be happy with that.

These more costly bikes are built to lofty quality standards. And they have consoles that track and display all of the vital stats you need to know about to gauge your progress.

A treadmill is great for cardio and weight loss. So is an air bike. But air bikes are much better for HIIT. When you give it your all, that air resistance pushes back as hard as you do. It’ll let up when it’s time for your rest. No treadmill can really do that.

If you’re still on board with the idea of getting a premium air bike, read on and learn about one of the best.

Introducing The Schwinn AirDyne Pro

They claim that their specially engineered fan offers versatile and challenging workouts, and that the AirDyne Pro is unsurpassed in quality and durability.

Promises like these are usually what make people buy any specific product, so that’s where I start my investigations.

If these claims are true, then this air bike could possibly offer the best value. You’re going to have to ride this review to the very end to find out. For now, check out the highs and lows of the AirDyne Pro. You may even catch a hint about my final thoughts on this bike.


  • Reasonable price
  • Fully functional console
  • Relatively compact
  • Smooth ride
  • Pretty comfortable


  • There have been some durability issues raised
  • Not for anyone over 6′
Schwinn Airdyne Pro – feature packed. Price competitive

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The Schwinn AirDyne Pro In Depth

OK, I’ll just admit it now. This thing gets the Value Award. As I’ve said before, value equals quality and features versus price. But that doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. Check out the details.

The Workout

Does the AirDyne Pro offer varied and challenging workouts as promised?

Yes, it does. It doesn’t allow upper and lower body isolation like Assault Fitness’s Elite, but the Elite is a special case. The AirDyne does offer truly infinite resistance, so it’s good for cardio workouts of all intensities and interval lengths.

It really forces you to push at the higher RPMs. Lower RPM workouts are smooth.

One thing I look for in an air bike is the balance between the resistance provided by the pedals and handles. That offers a clue as to the build quality of the bike and the quality of the workout it can give.

The balance here is just about perfect. If you’ve never used an air bike before, it takes some practice before it feels right. If you give the AirDyne a few workouts, it’ll feel like you’ve been riding for years.

Now let’s take a look at that console.

I would expect a console like this on an air bike with a price tag a few hundred bucks higher. It has almost everything you should need for some killer workouts.

It displays your RPMs, watts, calories burned, distance and even your heart rate, as long as you have a compatible heart rate sensor. And yes, the sensor can be connected via bluetooth.

In a nutshell, the AirDyne Pro gives you a smooth workout of any intensity level you want. Kudos to Schwinn for that awesome console.

Construction And Durability

All in all, it’s a pretty well made air bike. But there are some problems that I want to point out right away.

There have been many complaints about a metallic clicking noise and a rough feel in the handles. Both of these tend to get worse over time on affected bikes.

This is almost certainly an issue arising from improper assembly. The bushings, bearings and other handle hardware are high quality.

During assembly, the hardware for both handles should be snugged up finger-tight. Only then should you use a wrench to tighten everything. That should solve the alignment issues that cause the clicking and popping.

Alignment issues aren’t the cause of the belt’s problem. Apparently, the belt can wander off track and rub against its guides. That causes a soft, yet irritating squeaking noise.

The belt eventually frays and needs to be replaced. Some people have had to make craftsmanship warranty claims.

To be fair to Schwinn, this is a well-made bike. I know I went on and on about those two problems, but you have to know about them.

Schwinn, to their credit, has been very responsive to these complaints, even sending brand new bikes to those who experience problems.

The frame is solid. All the connections have tight tolerances and heavy-duty hardware.

As far as warranties go, you’ve got 10 years on the frame and three on parts and electronics. Most air bikes don’t even offer an electronics warranty. The labor warranty goes six months.

You are very unlikely to receive a defective air bike from Schwinn. If you do, they’ll take care of everything.

Comfort And Adjustability

Anyone under 6′ should find this to be one of the most comfortable air bikes out there. If you have nothing else to compare it to, it’s like riding an old-timey beach cruiser.

The seat is wide and padded very well. Alas, it’s too well-padded for some. As with many other air bikes, the seat rail accepts all standard bicycle seats. Swap it out if you like.

Most people over 6′ find that the seat will not go up or back enough for them. If your legs come up too far while pedaling, it’s going to feel awkward. Your workout will suffer as well. Steer clear of the AirDyne Pro if you’re over 6′.

The handle grips are very adjustable. That’s a huge comfort factor. You’ll be able to set them however you want them for a perfectly customized fit.

You want an air bike that’s stable. This heavy bike has four independently adjustable feet for a nice solid feel. It’s not going to rock much, either.

It’s a great air bike for anyone under 6′ and less than 350 pounds. It’s got a nice seat and you can fine tune the seat and handles for the optimum comfort.

Schwinn AirDyne Pro Reviews from Around the Web

As usual, I searched the cyber realm to study the reviews of real people who have been using this bike for at least a few months. The general vibe is that it’s a great bike for cardio, and it’s sturdy and dependable in the long term.

Of course, there are gripes about the belt and handle issues that I talked about at length above. That’s been covered, so let’s move on.

The console is a big hit. It seems that many of the people who bought this one are new to air biking. They were impressed with the sheer volume of info they get about their workout from the high-contrast LCD screen.

The smoothness and effectiveness of the workouts came up pretty often. It is, after all, a high-quality air bike.

It’s safe to say that the AirDyne Pro is a hit. Check it our here.

Schwinn Airdyne Alternatives

You may be afraid of those pesky durability issues. Maybe you’re tall. Or maybe you just want to keep on researching so you can make the best choice. So we’ll look at a couple others you may like better.

The Assault AirBike Classic has a price in the same neighborhood as the AirDyne Pro. It hasn’t had any frequent or serious durability complaints. But its seat sucks. And it blows the air directly in your face.

On the other hand, it has a similar console and a more sturdy feel. Plus, it has that famous Assault Fitness super-quality build.

Compared to the AirDyne Pro, the Assault Classic is:

  • Sturdier
  • Built better
  • Lacking in the seat department
  • About the same price

If you’re considering the AirDyne Pro, read my review of the Assault AirBike Classic.

The Assault Air Bike Classic is worth a look

Check it out here on Amazon

Maybe Assault Fitness deserves another mention here. While their AirBike Classic compares pretty well in a head-to-head comparison with the Schwinn AirDyne Pro, their AirBike Elite blows all the AirDynes away.

The Elite is quite a bit more expensive. But everything is a step up from the AirDyne Pro. OK, Assault just doesn’t understand how to make a good seat. The Elite boasts an improved sport seat, but it’s slippery and not very comfortable.

Compared to the AirDyne Pro, the Assault AirBike Elite is:

  • Sturdier
  • Smoother
  • Bigger
  • Built much better
  • More durable
  • More expensive

But the seat isn’t very good. Still, if you are willing to spend more for the best, check out my Assault AirBike Elite review.

Higher end Assault Air Bike offering

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In Conclusion…

This air bike is one of the most affordable of what I consider to be the high-end models. It’s pretty well made and has a really cool and useful console. You can even wirelessly connect a heart rate sensor to it. It delivers on its promise of a varied and challenging workout.

It falls a little short in the durability department. We’ve seen two big issues in this Schwinn AirDyne Pro review. But keep in mind that the chances of you experiencing one of those problems if you get this bike are fairly slim.

And you’ve got the three-year parts warranty to fall back on. If you like the AirDyne Pro, I say go for it. It has the quality and features that people look for at a totally fair price. But why not check out some of my other air bike reviews before you spend your cash?

Click here to see more of the Schwinn AirDyne Pro and get the most up to date price on Amazon.

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  1. Hello! Great reviews! Is the Airdyne Pro the same than the Airdyne AD7 and AD8?
    Have you tried the Xebex ABVR-2L air plus magnetic? Do you think the magnetic resistance added to the air system is really useful? Thank you!

    • Hey there Tania –

      Thank you! We have not tried the Xebex yet, but will put that on the list for future reviews. Schwinn no longer lists the Pro as available, but it can be picked-up on Amazon still. But the AD7 is pretty close and runs a tad bit cheaper in some cases. The dimensions are: 53″ L x 26.5″ W x 53″ H (134.6 x 67.3 x 134.6 cm).

      I hope this helps!



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