Hyperbolic Stretching Review: Is It Next-level Stretching Or Hype?

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My Personal Review – Improved Strength, and Muscle Flexibility

Quick note to point out:

I actually own the program and have used it. The points here in my review are based on my opinion and experience with it. You’ll see many other reviews online, but be careful of them. They aren’t much more than regurgitated sales pages. I take you on a deep dive where others just skim the surface.

Let’s jump into this Hyperbolic Stretching system review and see if this program is worth it, or if Mr. Larsson is “stretching” the benefits.

Regardless of how you get your workout on, stretching is important. It limbers you up, gets your blood pumping, and prevents injury and soreness. But is there a secret method of stretching that can actually help bulk you up, slim you down, enhance your flexibility and make you stronger in just four weeks?

Alex Larsson, the developer of Hyperbolic Stretching, sure thinks so. He has created two separate courses: one for men and one for women. And he makes some pretty serious claims for each one.

Basically, he says that no matter what you want out of your workout routine, following his program will enhance the results. In fact, he says that old-fashioned stretching actually hinders your progress toward your goals.

Larsson was a computer software engineer up until 2018. Stiffness and pain caused by prolonged sitting and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle are what inspired him to break the chain that tethered him to his desk and create this program. Since then, over 16,000 users have signed up.


Hyperbolic Stretching used to be an ebook course. That is no longer the case and is now 21 online instructional videos. This makes following the program a breeze since it can be followed on any device anywhere. The video demonstrations do a much better job of instructing you how to do the stretches and maximize your flexibility and mobility.

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Things To Consider Before Hyperbolic Stretching

At the very least, working this program can be a good adjunct to any exercise regimen. The stretches aren’t harmful to a healthy person in any way, and all stretching is basically good. You really don’t have much to lose.

The stretch exercises featured in this program aren’t really all that harder than yoga poses. They start off easy, then progress. But there is one big potential disqualifier. You shouldn’t do this if you are recovering from a muscle or tendon injury. Gentle exercise and basic yoga would be better in that case, and that’s only if your doctor approves.

Features And Benefits

Now we’ll break it all down into the Hyperbolic Stretching program and its moving parts so you can see if it’s a good idea for you.

What Is Hyperbolic Stretching

It’s a stretching program based on ancient Asian techniques that unlocks your body’s potential for gains in strength and flexibility. It seems, from Larsson’s own description, to focus on strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

This makes sense, since working that muscle group would necessarily work core, back, and glute muscles. You would have to use your arms and legs as stabilizing or support as well.

But what’s all this about strengthening? It’s a stretch program, right? Well, apparently it incorporates some bodyweight resistance also. But so does yoga, so you can’t fault Larsson for calling it a stretching program.

No one thinks of yoga as strength training, even though it is proven to strengthen the whole body. You don’t need any weights to perform the Hyperbolic Stretching program. All you need is your own body.

How Does Hyperbolic Stretching Work?

It takes only eight minutes per day for the duration of four weeks. That’s a total of 224 minutes. Everyone has the time. But you have to consider it as an addition to your normal workout routine and diet plan.

I wouldn’t use Hyperbolic Stretching as a standalone routine to get into shape, lose weight or gain mass.

You simply follow the instructions in the video series. There are no complicated poses, intricate moves, or anything like that. It’s just stretch exercises.

There is some credence to this program’s claim that it can help you gain strength and add muscle mass. Stretching has been proven to stimulate the release of HGH or human growth hormone.

There are countless products and supplements available today that are made to boost your levels of this hormone. And many online Hyperbolic Stretching reviews attest that incorporating this program enhanced results.

But what about the claim that old-fashioned stretching can actually get in the way of bulking up, getting toned, and losing weight. There is some truth to that, but Larsson over-hypes it.

A study published in the Journal of Athletic Training looked at a small group of athletes that stretched before and after exercise and a group that did neither. When compared, it was found that the group that stretched had a slightly slower muscular response time.

The difference was insignificant. However, if performed correctly, the stretches in this program can be much more useful than a traditional stretch. These stretches incorporate bodyweight resistance training, at least to a small degree.

Benefits For Men

  • Full muscle flexibility
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Tension relief
  • Fat loss
  • The ability to do high kicks and full splits without a warmup

I wouldn’t recommend high kicks or full splits without a good warmup unless you’re in really good shape. It seems like a surefire way to pull some muscles. But you will likely gain at least some flexibility over the four-week duration of this program. Of course, if you stop stretching when the program ends, you’ll lose that flexibility.

This isn’t a one-off thing. Even if you get the results you want in a month, you’ll have to continue some type of stretching to keep your gains.

Full muscle flexibility and tension relief are benefits that you would expect from just about any kind of stretch program. The more you stretch and condition your muscles, the more flexibility you’ll have. So you’ll get those benefits from this program no matter what.

The enhanced core strength is legitimate too. You’re going to be using your core in every single stretch, so you’ll see some toning. You can lose belly fat this way too.

One benefit from hyperbolic stretching that doesn’t get enough attention, even from the developer himself, is urinary continence. You may not have that problem, but most people who do can see improvements with pelvic floor exercises.

Benefits For Women

  • Full body flexibility
  • Enhanced core strength
  • Tension relief
  • Fat loss
  • The ability to do high kicks and full splits without a warmup
  • Reduced cellulite
  • Better body confidence

Women will see the same benefits as men, and for the same reasons, so there’s no need to repeat everything from the section above. But let’s look at those extra two benefits more closely.

Cellulite isn’t fat. It’s a condition caused when connective fibers underneath the skin lose their elasticity, usually because of advanced age or stretching during pregnancy, and cause a rough or dimpled appearance of the skin.

And yes, stretching can reduce its appearance. And since cellulite is most often found over the abs, it makes sense that Hyperbolic Stretching can reduce cellulite by way of its core-centric stretches.

Better body confidence is a no-brainer. If you lose fat and get into better shape, you’ll be more confident in your physique.

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Will It Work As A Standalone Program?

The short answer is that it won’t do much by itself. If you just want more flexibility and stress relief, then this may be all you need. I would actually go longer than eight minutes per day, though. 15 minutes per day will probably be much better. You may even want to pair Hyperbolic Stretching with a good yoga course.

Likewise, if you just want to tone your core, you may see good results with this as a standalone program. Again, you’ll need more than eight minutes a day.

How To Use Hyperbolic Stretching With An Existing Or New Exercise Program

This is how you’ll see the best results. And I’m basing that statement on the experience of those who’ve actually done it, as you’ll see later on.

Even though Larsson went way overboard with his claim that doing hyperbolic stretches promotes the production of HGH, he wasn’t lying. It’s true. And since there’s a touch of bodyweight resistance training inherent with these stretches, that HGH boost will be even greater than that you would get from traditional forms of stretching.

 So you’ll likely see some benefits by beginning your workout with an eight-minute hyperbolic stretching session.

Since this is a full-body stretch, you’ll be limber. And that’s a great benefit going into any kind of workout. The looser you are, the harder you can go. This is true even on a stationary bike.

You’ll also see some benefits by using this program as a closer. More and more are realizing that post-workout stretches are just as important for preventing injury and maximizing results as pre-workout exercises.

Do The Exercises Improve Your Range Of Motion?

This was my big question going into my research project here. And I have to be honest: I was fully expecting to have a “gotcha” moment and discover that this was, in fact, just some basic stretches hyped up for a quick profit. But if that was the case, this post would only be about a paragraph long. No, there’s a lot more to it than simple exercises.

I have to say that there’s not much hard, solid science behind it, but there are real-world results and common sense that say there are several benefits beyond traditional stretching exercises.

First off, regular exercises focus on conditioning muscles. The hyperbolic routine does that too, but it also includes strengthening stretches. You won’t notice much in your arms and legs, but you can gain some strength in your core and back muscles.

Traditional stretching can’t really tone you very much, either. But these exercises can. That should be obvious since strengthening is the base for toning.

The hyperbolic route is claimed to work by enhancing your body’s ability to create and release HGH and testosterone, both of which are necessary to some degree for getting in shape maintaining a healthy and attractive muscle tone.

Perhaps best of all, the program requires only eight minutes per day. Shorter programs are great for today’s busy lives. And that short duration means that it’s easy to pair with your regular workout. We’ve seen how beneficial that can be.

Hyperbolic Stretching Cost, Value And The Bonuses

You should know by now, dear reader, how obsessed I am with value. So let’s see what you get, how much you’ll pay and whether it’s worth it.

The price as of this writing is just under $30. That’s awesome. I’ve seen stretching programs go for three times that much. But you get more than just the stretching instructional. There are three bonuses included.

Mind Power Unleashed is an e-book that supposedly teaches you how to reprogram your brain so you can easily achieve success in life. I didn’t read it. If you’re into that type of thing, maybe you’ll like it. Just be careful when you reprogram your brain, OK?

Full-Body Stretching is focused on what we’ve been referring to as traditional or old-fashioned stretching. You’ll learn quick ways to do full-body exercises. There’s nothing wrong with that, and it’s free.

Now here’s something I like. 8-minute High-Intensity Strength Program for Men and Women is a quick HIIT workout. Eight minutes sounds like a pretty good interval workout.

Unfortunately, only one Hyperbolic Stretching review that I’ve seen mentioned any of the free bonuses at all. And it wasn’t good. It was about the Mind Power Unleashed e-book, and the gist of it was that it makes no sense. But it’s free. Who knows? You may get something out of it.

Hyperbolic Stretching Pros And Cons

Here’s the real good and bad, not just the benefits that are claimed by the developer and promoters.

What I like:

  • The stretches are a great way to maintain flexibility, regardless of anything else
  • When performed as directed, you will strengthen your core and pelvic floor muscles
  • There is a real chance that you can realistically reduce cellulite
  • People who see the results they are after typically see them in four weeks, without having to repeat the program over and over again
  • No weights or other equipment is needed
  • It’s cheap, and there’s a money-back guarantee (86% discount on our website)
  • Men’s and Women’s versions

What I don’t like:

  • There’s scant scientific evidence to support the claim that this type of stretching is any better than any other type of stretching
  • The program’s developer has exaggerated two facts: Traditional stretching impedes strength training and stretching boosts HGH production

What People Are Saying

I checked out as many reviews as I could find from folks who bought and actually worked the program. In general, almost everyone feels as if they got their money’s worth. At this point, of course, everyone got the same awesome $30-ish deal.

One big recurring complaint is that the program cannot get you into the splits. I even read a review from an MMA enthusiast who claimed that working the four-week program actually impeded his ability to do a full split.

This could be because he replaced the stretches he was used to doing with the hyperbolic variety. But there are many more gripes about the claim of full splits being bunk.

There weren’t any big brags about fat loss or gaining tone when using this program by itself.

The best Hyperbolic Stretching reviews come from those who used the program in conjunction with a good exercise regimen, like HIIT, lifting, or even light cardio.

Many who got good results this way say that they gained muscle tone and lost fat much quicker than they expected to.

So it seems that not many got super flexible, but they feel like the results of their sensible lifestyles and regular workouts were kicked up a couple of notches when complemented with this program.

The Truth About These Stretches And Your Muscles

Why do we work out? We want to be healthy, sure. Specifically, most of us want to lose weight and fat, get toned, build muscle and maintain a healthy body. So we work at it. And as we’ve seen in this Hyperbolic Stretching review, this program can be a big asset to us in our quest for optimum health. But you have to be reasonable in your expectations.

You won’t be able to get toned of buff just by following this routine for four weeks. But you can enhance your lifting and cardio sessions by using doing this eight-minute exercise before, and maybe after your normal workout. It can give your body that extra edge that regular stretching just can’t offer.

You won’t gain an incredible amount of flexibility either. But you will probably see more benefits in this area than you would by just doing old-school stretches. This is some next-level stuff here and worth a try if flexibility and mobility are a challenge for you.

Frequently Asked Questions About Hyperbolic Stretching

Does The Stretching Program Really Work?

Many ask: does Hyperbolic Stretching work? The program’s easy to follow videos are made to be effective. The program creator, Alex Larsson does all the demonstrations himself from the ground up. Meaning, he starts easy so that most anyone can follow.

I’ve been using the stretches from the videos for quite sometime now. Any muscles and far more limber than they have been in the past. The improvement in mobility and flexibility have been a boon to daily activity and my workouts.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching Any Good?

Is Hyperbolic Stretching legit? It is a really solid program in my opinion. I have greatly improved my flexibility. However, it is something you need to keep up with. Otherwise you’ll regress and loose some flexibility.

Is Hyperbolic Stretching A Con?

The program is not a con or scam. It’s a legitimate program and is refundable with a 30-Day 100% money-back guarantee.

Does it work for seniors?

The stretches in Hyperbolic Stretching work well for seniors and all ages really. But its a good idea to keep your current condition in mind before just jumping with two feet in. If you are ever in doubt, talk with your doctor.

Is The Hyperbolic Stretching Routine Free?

No. It is not free or available as a download. It is purchasable only through the official website. Get your exclusive discount here.

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  1. I’m an MMA practitioner. Being an athletic person all my life I started MMA late in life (56). 19 months into it and achieving 4 rank levels I find my stretch hasn’t increased. Slow painful progress as an aged intermediate practitioner. Would this help if I added to my current program?

    • 56? Still young if you ask me and being an MMA practitioner is REALLY awesome. I think it’s worth a shot if you are finding your stretch to be not where you would like. It’s a pretty simple program to follow and it has been recently updated with videos – It’s no longer just in print.

      There is also a refund period too if you just wanted to give it a try.

      Best of luck to you!

    • Hey there,

      Thanks for letting me know! I don’t actually own the program, I just did a review of it (it’s a lot of fun and works too!).

      I also checked the links and found the same as you.

      I emailed the product owner and hopefully, he will be able to get it back online soon for Paypal.

      Thank you!

    • Hi there Todd,

      Hyperbolic Stretching does not require any special equipment. That’s a great feature of this program. Let me know if you have any other questions. Glad to help.

  2. Thank you for your review. It’s so down to earth and straight forward and makes me feel good about moving forward with giving it a go. You are a good writer as well.

  3. Terrific review, thanks! There seems to be “reviews” (by two guys) that are actually commercials, so I appreciate your writing clearly about it.

    People usually post one or two free videos to give you a taste – does he? And if so, what/where might those links be? Thanks!

    • Hey there,

      He does not post videos right now but his sales page does have a lot of before and after. I like your idea though, I will reach out to him and see if I can get authorization to post a snippet on this website. I think it will be helpful for readers and people wh are curious about the program.

    • Hey there – I am quite satisfied with all of the stretches. Hip flexors were my main area of weakness in this regard, but the upper body stretches are did well for me too.

  4. Hi, I’m 41 and looking to try the program to achieve side splits so I can advance on my yoga poses. Will this program help me achieve full split?

  5. I purchased this program yesterday however have not received an email on how to access your program? What do need to do to get access??

    • Hi Kerry,

      I hope you are doing well. For me, the email was in my spam/junk in box and I was able to connect afterword. The product is sold by ClickBank and I found the contact information here at this url. https://hyperbolicstretching.net/contact/

      There is a message there with a link to contact ClickBank. The email should have come from ClickBank too. So if you are looking for anything from Hyperbolic Stretching, I dont think you’ll find it.

      ClickBank has this message posted on the Hyperbolic stretching contact page:

      Email from Clickbank was sent to you within 2 minutes from purchase.

      If you paid by PayPal, please make sure you look into the email connected to PayPal. Check your spam folder too. If your email provider didn’t deliver that email to you, please contact Clickbank Customer Support here.

      I hope that works for you. It’s a great program.

  6. Hi, thought i would leave my pennies wirtj, being doing this programme for about a week now, i am very un supple!
    Have noticed about a 30 % improvement in my front forward stretch.. So kets see wgere i get to after 4 werks. Really simple programme to start and follow..

    • Hey Eddie,

      Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment – I think many others will find your feedback to be quite helpful if someone is on the fence about the program. It is really simple to follow and seeing such an improvement so early is nice to hear1

      I wish you the best =)

    • Hi there Ann,

      Yes. The program is designed to improve flexibility within the 4 weeks, but in order to maintain flexibility you would need to keep up with the stretches otherwise you’ll become less limber over time.

      Let me know if you have any more questions. I am glad to help.



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