Does Vert Shock Work? Does It Really Increase Vertical Jump Height?

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Vert Shock Review
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Vert Shock Review

Vert Shock has been around for a while now, but that doesn’t stop it from being the best vertical jump training program available right now. I was able to improve my meager jump height by 12 inches. The 8-week course is a blast and seeing results in just a couple of weeks is a real motivator. You know you are getting somewhere. The program is sure to help anyone improve their vertical jump height and their overall athleticism. Vertical jump skills are important to many sports including, basketball, football, and volleyball. Anyone playing these sports is sure to benefit from this program. Don’t overlook this if you want to take your game to a higher level.


Easy to follow Improved vertical jump height 9-15 inches Complete package nothing is left out Priced friendly Train anywhere


It doesn’t get into the science of things and some have criticized this. But really, who cares if it works?

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Vert Shock Review

My Vert Shock Review: I found Vert Shock to be an excellent addition to my workout routine. I traditionally focus on strength and endurance and have always found my vertical jump height to be something that needed some work.

Vert Shock helped improve my vertical jump height giving me a little over 8 more inches of added air space between my feet and the floor. That took my jump height from what is considered average (about 16 inches) to 24.

And for me, that was well worth the money and time investment. I feel much more rounded athletically, and I believe you will too.

Let’s get into the details to make sure this vertical jump training program fits the bill for you.

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What is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is an intense 8-week training program that will help increase vertical jump height by 9-15+ inches. It works for men and women and is beneficial to anyone how wants to step up their game no matter which sport they play. 

The Vert Shock program uses high-intensity plyometrics and an unorthodox approach to achieve incredible results quickly. You can see results within the first few days of working out.

Some people may find this a big claim, but the system developers and users have also achieved that.           

About Vert Shock creators:

Vert Shock was created by Adam Folker, a pro basketball player in collaboration with Justin’ Jus Fly’ Darlington, one of the world’s highest dunkers. Justin is the main sponsor of the program and also a legend in the dunking world. 

This workout program enabled him to increase his vertical jumps to 50″ and promises it would work wonders for others. The creators assure the results of this system are easy to replicate for nearly anyone.

It goes without saying: you have to put in the commitment and effort to maximize your results. The great thing is that this program accelerates your performance. So stick with the plan, and you will improve your vertical jump quicker than you might think.


  • User-friendly and straightforward program.
  • Training sessions are easy to practice and follow.
  • Has great sound and video quality. 
  • Access training online from any device. No need to go to the gym – can practice at home. 
  • Increases your jump height without any equipment or weight lifting. 


  • It won’t help much if you are already jumping high, over 36 inches.
  • Extra cross-promotion to other products confuses the buying process. 

Who Is Vert Shock For?

I mentioned that if you already have a high vertical jump, you won’t gain as much as those under 36. But, if you want to maximize, then go for it. If you have a vertical jump of fewer than 36 inches or less, you are sure to benefit from this program.

Anyone who wants to up their game when it comes to basketball should definitely get into this program. People interested in all sorts of competitive sports will want to consider this, too, because a high vertical jump will improve your skills.

This table measures vertical jump height for men and women. This is an overall average and does not take into consideration age or anything like that. I just wanted to give you an overview of where you might be now related to where you want to go. Vert Shock will take you there.

Obviously, results vary and depend on the effort you put into it. I’ve included some program user results and videos later on this article. For now, if you know your jump height, this is where you rank.

Vertical Jump Height Table

ExcellentOver 28Over 24
Very Good24-2820-24
Above Avg.20-2416-20
Below Avg.12-168-12
Vertical jump height measured in inches

Who Shouldn’t Buy Vert Shock?

If you have a prior injury, it is well worth your time to consult your physician before starting Vert Shock. 

But let me say this: Vert Shock is designed to train the way you play. If you are already playing a sport, this program is not going to cause you any harm.

Vert Shock Features And Benefits 

Vert Shock program consists of three stages: Pre-Shock, Shock, and Post-Shock. The program lasts a total of 8 weeks. Let’s talk out what you can expect from each.

vertical jump test

Pre-Shock Phase: 

The Pre-shock phase lasts for 7 days and is where you will basically warm up to the new workouts and get yourself ready for the subsequent 2 phases ahead. Some might find the new exercises hard to get used to, but it’s not any more difficult than just playing a pick-up game, really.

You only workout 4 of the 7 days in this phase, and at 30 minutes per session, it was pretty easy to get used to the new movement patterns and push my limits.

It was essential to work out the required number of days in each phase. Also, take the rest when the schedule calls for it. Keep your body in check, and don’t overload it. The upcoming stages are more demanding.

Most individuals who take part in the pre-shock stage can improve their jump by around 3 inches. That’s right about where I was at the end of this phase.

Shock Phase: 

The Shock stage is the second phase that lasts for six weeks. Here it’s essential to work out 4 to 6 days per week. The workouts last 40 minutes here, up 10 minutes from the Pre-Shock phase.

This is where the magic happens, as they say.

The callisthenic and plyometric workouts, with a blend of sprinting, push you hard. 

By the end of this stage, I could see and feel the increase of my vertical jump. I added another increase of 8 more inches to my vertical jump. This put me in at a solid 11-inch improvement since the program start. 

I couldn’t jump worth a damn. So for me, I am pretty happy coming out of this stage.

Post-Shock Phase:

The final Post-Shock Phase is the last week of the Vert Shock workout program. Here I was able to engage in highly intense training sessions, with just one day for resting. The previous stage will prepare you for this.

This stage is mainly to fortify and activate the muscle memory obtained during the shock phase. 

My body by now became more familiar with each exercise I practiced in the shock stage and could react as needed to improve more.

During this week, I tested my vertical jump ability and could maintain a consistent jump height. I squeezed about 1 more inch out of it by the end for a total gain of 12 inches to my vertical jump.


Once I completed the Vert Shock training program for 2 months, I entered the upkeep phase. This phase contains three different maintenance workouts that I can alternate and do once each week. The goal of this upkeep phase is to make sure gains are not lost.

It’s essential to do this. I don’t think you will degrade to zero if you don’t, but it is like anything you want to be good at. If you don’t keep it up, you won’t always be at your peak performance.

Benefits Of Using Vert Shock:

A key benefit of opting for this training program is I do not have to go to a gym or get expensive fitness equipment. I can train where I want my own time schedule (keep to the plan, though!). 

Also, Vert Shock is easy to follow as it comes with videos that give detailed explanations. The demonstrations in these videos helped keep proper form and technique in place and maximize my results.

Presentation Quality:

The presentation quality of the training instruction videos is much better when compared with the other counterparts. Though some of the videos might be slightly older, it’s more up-to-date than the cheap competitors. The latter have outdated videos updated 10 years back. 

Mobile friendly:

To make the training more straightforward, the creators have developed a mobile-accessible Vert Shock program option. This is incredible as I could carry the videos and exercise information with me anywhere I go. 

I don’t always have to stay at home always to watch the exercises. Even when I’m at the gym, I can use my smartphone to access and do the training program. 

Workout Variety:

Though Vert Shock is mainly known for increasing the vertical jump height, it has more to offer than just jumping. The variety of training sessions and workouts go beyond just improving vertical jump. It’s a total workout package that will help you lose weight and build a solid lean physique.

How Much Does Vert Shock Cost? 

vert shock program

The Vert Shock program costs $138. However, I’ve been able to secure a deal with the publisher to give readers of this article a 50% discount. The program cost is $67 for anyone who buys through my link.

Guess what! There are no strings attached. The program has a solid 60-day money-back guarantee. 

Vert Shock Results: 

I went from a piss poor ability to jump to be very competitive with people in my height range. I can easily outjump all but the tallest of my friends with the added 12 inches of overall jump height. I am not alone in this.

There are many testimonials out there detailing the incredible results people have had.

Here are a few from the official Vert Shock Website. This is the best source because there are so many written and video testimonials of actual results.

Be sure to check their website here for written and video testimonials. There are A LOT of them.

Vert Shock User Reviews And Testimonials:

vert shock testimonials

Vert Shock Video Testimonials:

Vert Shock In A Nutshell 

If you are seriously committed to increasing your vertical jump abilities height significantly, then Vert Shock is for you. It’s one of the only vertical jump training programs that you will find online today and easily outperforms the competition in price and results.

Expect to one-up the competition in just a few days and gain control of the game in just a few weeks. Just imagine how that dunk will look when you tower over the competition, no matter their height or skill.

It’s on you, though; you are in the driver’s seat here. Click here to get Vert Shock and take your game to the top now. Don’t miss out on the 50% discount.

Vert Shock FAQ

How Much Is Vert Shock?

Vert Shock is normally $138 but if you can take advantage of the discount we’ve secured for you. Buying through one of our links cuts the full program price to just $67.

Can Men And Women Benefit From Vert Shock?

Of course! The program will help improve vertical jump for both men and women.

What If I want a Refund?

The program creators have a 60-day money back refund policy so you can buy in confidence.

How Much Can I Really Improve My Vertical Jump?

Users of the program have improved 9-15 inches. Check out the Vert Shock website for tons of testimonials.

Do I Need Special Equipment?

No. There is no special equipment needed. You can train practically anywhere since all of the course workouts can be accessed from any mobile device.

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