11 Indisputable Benefits Of Battle Ropes – Bring The Pain

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The benefits of battle ropes include all of the benefits of other HIIT workouts, plus they can help build muscle while increasing endurance and coordination.

Home gym owners who are looking to add to their workout regimen often ask us “What are the benefits or battle ropes?” We like to point out that ropes can help them lose weight and fat, build muscle and enhance their endurance and coordination. But there are other practical benefits as well. Here we’ll go over 11 of those advantages that battle ropes can give you.

Benefits Of Battle Ropes In No Particular Order

1 – They Burn Calories And Fat

Do battle ropes work for losing weight? That’s one of the most common battle rope questions we get. The short answer is yes. They can help you lose weight by burning calories and melting fat away.

All battle rope workouts qualify as HIIT. You really have to push to keep the waves running. And you know the benefits of HIIT. There’s no better way to burn calories and fat. According to some sources, battle ropes can help you burn up to 10 calories per minute. Compare that to about four or five calories per minute with intense rowing. You’ll feel the burn almost right away, too.

The intense workout you can get from battle ropes will raise your metabolism and keep it elevated for hours after a session. A high metabolism is key to burning fat and keeping it form forming in the first place.

2 – They Build Muscle

Battle ropes weigh anywhere from 25 to over 50 pounds. That may not seem like much if you train with heavy bars and plates. But you don’t lift ropes. The weight is important, but it doesn’t dictate the resistance you get. The resistance comes from the natural inertia of the ropes as well as the force of the waves coming at you. You have to fight them, hence the name “battle” ropes.

But can you get ripped with battles ropes. Sure, you can. You probably won’t want to rely solely on battle ropes if muscle gain is your main objective, though. Lifting is still the best way to add mass quickly. But battle rope workouts have two advantages as an adjunct to lifting. First, it offers some variety to keep you from getting bored. Secondly, battle ropes work muscles that most common lifts just can’t. Adding bulk to these neglected muscles will add to your overall mass.

3 – They Raise Endurance

It’s hard to understand how hard battle ropes can push you until you’ve actually used them. It doesn’t take long to hit the wall. If you keep at it, the wall will get further and further away. That’s how you build your endurance. And considering that battle rope workouts are usually relatively short, you can hit that proverbial wall more often. This is great for people who don’t have much time for workouts.

4 – They Offer A Full-Body Workout

Battle rope workouts throw resistance at you from all kinds of different angles. That works literally every muscle in your body without you having to think about it, change your routine or adjust any equipment. Your body is constantly making micro and macro adjustments to its response to the incoming resistance.

Typically, your arms and shoulders are going to get the most burn. That’s a given, since those are the muscles that are providing the direct force. But your core and back get in on it as well, as do your legs, Even your toes get a workout. Try it. Do some waves with battle ropes and try not to move your toes.

5 – They’re Low Impact

Despite working every muscle in your body to the point of fatigue, most battle rope workouts are pretty easy on your joints. There are some workouts and variations thereof that involve jumping or jogging in place, but even they are typically lower impact than running and jumping jacks.

6 – They Enhances Coordination And Balance

I fondly remember the first time I used battle ropes as a beginner. The thing that surprised me is the amount of coordination it takes. It’s not difficult, mind you. Anyone can make waves on their first try. Keeping the waves rolling smoothly takes coordination. Over time, it’ll train your brain and skeletal muscle system to work together more efficiently.

Your back and core do provide some of the force to whip the ropes, but they also act as a stabilizing force. The forces coming at you from the rope are constantly shifting angles of attack and strength. You have to constantly adjust to compensate. This fine-tunes your balance.

7 – There’s Less Chance Of Injury

Injuries are common for people who start lifting weights without really knowing what they’re doing. There are many ways to get hurt. Overdoing it can cause muscle and joint injuries. I know that from firsthand experience. Pulled or strained muscles can be very painful, and they can keep you from working out for weeks. It’s hard to overdo battle rope workouts, unless you are trying to overdo it.

I’ve seen injuries caused by lifters trying to get just one more lift in before resting. That’s probably the most common way beginners get hurt. This isn’t a problem with battle ropes. As long as you’re not trying to get hurt, you likely won’t push too hard.

8 – You Won’t Get Bored

Check out this post about some battle rope workouts that will fry you. That’s just a sampling. There are dozens of good battle rope routines. And they’re all HIIT. You can do a different one every day. But most people like to do several different workouts every session. Rope workouts typically only run a few minutes, so you can change it up five times in just a quarter of an hour.

This is important. If you get bored, chances are you’re going to lose interest and cut your workouts short. Keeping things fresh and interesting are one of the keys to the success of any workout.

9 – They’re Portable

Battle ropes have benefits for people who travel often. That’s one of the reasons I like them so much. My battle rope fits in a duffel bag. In fact, that’s where I store it when I’m not using it. When I go on a trip, I just grab the bag.

I’ve looped my battle rope through a motel balcony railing, draped it over a low tree limb and strapped it to a trailer hitch. Anything stationary and heavy can work. You’re only limited by your imagination. You can even have a friend hold the other end for you.

You just have to have enough space for a proper workout. Unless you can afford a suite, you probably won’t be doing any battle rope workouts in a motel room. You’ll need about 10 to 25 feet for a proper battle rope workout.

10 – Battle Ropes Are User-Friendly

A battle rope setup consists of a rope and an anchor. Sometimes you don’t even need the anchor. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. There are no plates to add or remove. There isn’t a bench to adjust, and there aren’t any bands to mess with. It’ll probably be the simplest piece of gym equipment you’ll ever own.

They’re also easy to use. When I first started using them, I didn’t even lookup any workouts. I just kinda started playing with them. I got a good workout too. I was amazed how intuitive it all was. I instinctively started trying to coordinate my movements to keep the waves going. And that’s the crux of most battle rope exercises. You’ll still want to educate yourself on the different kinds of workouts that you can do with battle ropes though. A good repertoire of perhaps three or four different workouts will ensure that you’re working out all your muscle groups and getting the most out of your ropes.

11 – Battle Ropes Are Affordable

Higher-end battle ropes cost about $150. Cheap ones can be had for about a third of that. Or if you want to be really frugal, you can make your own battle ropes. I made mine for a total cost of $20. But I know a couple people who made theirs out of stuff they had laying around their house, and it cost them zero. Check out how you can do it here.

Battle Ropes in a Nut Shell

Do battle ropes work? You bet they do. You may be surprised at how effective they are in helping you to add bulk or strength, lose fat and weight and gain coordination and balance. Plus, they’re easy to use and very portable.

If you know of any benefits we missed, add them in the comments below. Also, ask us any questions you may have about battle ropes.

A good set of battle ropes benefits both you and your gym in several ways. With ropes being so affordable, versatile and useful, would they make a good addition to our home gym?

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